Download Microsoft's latest browser for a fast, secure, and modern web experience. Browse the web anywhere with one seamless experience from your phone to your computer and other signed-in devices. Microsoft Edge is also a safe browser that gives you the tools to protect your privacy and security online.

Making the web a better place for everyone

We've adopted the Chromium open source project in the development of Microsoft Edge to create better web compatibility for our customers, and less fragmentation of the web for all web developers.

Investing in open source

We've also started making contributions back to Chromium in areas like accessibility, touch, ARM64 and others. Our plan is to continue working in Chromium rather than creating a parallel project. We're working directly with the teams at Google, and we're looking forward to working even more with the open source community. To learn more about our contributions, see our Microsoft Edge "Explainers" on GitHub and check out our source code release.

We're listening!

The Microsoft Edge team wants to hear from you. In December we asked visitors to this site "if you could change one thing about the web, what would it be?". We've read your answers and have some thoughts to share. Head over to the Microsoft Edge Insider Forum to see what the community is saying about this and other topics.

What's New

  • Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

Feature updates

  • Enhanced security mode improvements. Enhanced security mode now supports WebAssembly for x64 Windows. Additional cross-platform support is expected in the future. For more information, see Browse more safely with Microsoft Edge.
  • Improvement to the Cloud Site List Management experience for IE mode.
  • You can restore to one of the last 3 published versions of your site list in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. For more information, see Restore a previous version of a site list.
  • You can identify gaps in your enterprise site list by configuring reporting of site feedback with the InternetExplorerIntegrationCloudUserSitesReporting and InternetExplorerIntegrationCloudNeutralSitesReporting policies. You can view local site list URLs from users and potentially misconfigured neutral site URLs in the Microsoft Edge site lists experience in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. To learn more, see View site feedback on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.
  • You can configure session cookie sharing between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer for IE mode on your site list in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. To learn more, see Cookie sharing between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.
  • Improvements to the Cloud Site List Management experience for IE mode now available in GCC. GCC customers can now utilize the full Microsoft Edge site list experience in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

Policy updates

New policies

  • ExemptFileTypeDownloadWarnings - Disable download file type extension-based warnings for specified file types on domains
  • InternetExplorerIntegrationAlwaysWaitForUnload - Wait for Internet Explorer mode tabs to completely unload before ending the browser session
  • MicrosoftEditorProofingEnabled - Spell checking provided by Microsoft Editor
  • MicrosoftEditorSynonymsEnabled - Synonyms are provided when using Microsoft Editor spell checker
  • PrintPdfAsImageDefault - Print PDF as Image Default
  • UnthrottledNestedTimeoutEnabled - JavaScript setTimeout will not be clamped until a higher nesting threshold is set