SignalRGB supports the most popular PC gaming peripherals, including products from brands like Razer, Corsair, SteelSeries, HyperX, Logitech and more. As SignalRGB grows, we aim to offer compatibility with an even wider selection of RGB products. RAM, GPUs and motherboards are in alpha testing.

Experience custom effects for your favorite games with our growing library of game integrations. SignalRGB detects on-screen action in real time --- explosions, meters, varied environments, ammo count, health levels, damage taken and more --- and triggers reactive effects you can't find anywhere else.


  • Screen Ambience
    • Mirror the action in any game, video or content.
  • Audio Spectrum
    • Vivid effects to match any audio content for unreal lightshows.
  • Grand Theft Auto V
    • Customizable RGB effects for your favorite games.
  • Riptide
    • Build the ideal RGB setup with unique effects that match your style.

See all compatible devices here.

What's New


  • The maximum number of debug logs has been increased from 5 -> 10.
  • A crash that could occur with frequent device console messages has been fixed.
  • Mouse Events will no longer pass through the 'next' button during guides.
  • SignalRGB will now properly create a desktop Icon on install, and remove it on uninstall if it still exists.
  • SignalRGB has had some major improvements to window behavior!
    • Native Aero Snapping is supported (Dragging to edges of the screen snaps, double clicking the top bar maximizes, etc.)
    • Dragging the window should feel significantly more responsive, and be less likely to 'fly off'.
    • SignalRGB now remembers it's last window position on a gracefully exit, and if it was maximized.
    • SignalRGB should no longer have an occasional white bar across the top when unfocused.
  • Color Picker Hue Dials on both the Customize and Device Setting Pages now uses a circular input pattern instead of only allowing for vertical mouse movement. This should be significantly more user friendly and allow for clicking specific areas of the Hue Dial.
  • We've made changes to how SignalRGB's settings are reset;
    • You can no longer reset settings on launch with the control + shift hotkeys.
    • You can now reset SignalRGB by passing a --resetconfig argument to SignalRGB.exe
    • There's a toggle switch in Windows Settings that will factory reset SignalRGB's settings on the next launch.
    • As before Login Credentials and files in the User Directory will persist through a reset.
  • Debug logs for Intel users will no longer show the current windows username.
  • Devices will now be able to properly save a brightness value of 0.
  • SignalRGB's UI should take ~25% less time creating and managing UI Elements.
  • SignalRGB's idle GPU usage should be ~60-70% less than previously.
    • As part of these changes the Effect Screen's FPS has been reduced from 50 -> 30. This change is purely visual in the application and doesn't effect the true speed of effects or device RGB.
    • ExEngine usage is unaffected.
  • SignalRGB should no longer require VC Runtimes to be installed on the system.

Devices Page

  • The Device Brightness slider now matches the normal device setting slider card and has text entry.
  • The highlighted device will now update when manually swiping through your devices instead of only when clicking on a device card in the bottom section.


  • The Unconfigured Fans warning message will no longer follow you around the application if you go to a different UI Page.
  • Fan Speeds are now properly clamped to between 0-100% when adjusting the fan speed offset.


  • Changing categories on the dashboard will now show a loading indicator instead of blocking UI interactions while the page loads.
  • Local Effects like Screen Ambience or those from the Creator Panel or User Directory will now show up in the Installed Effects tab and in the search bar.
  • These will be marked with 'Local Effect' instead of a download count.
  • Effect Images should now properly load for those having issues in 2.2.23.


  • The Grid Size Popout has had some improvements:
  • The popup will no longer close on every key press
  • The grid size is now limited to a range of 1-50
  • The grid size will persist between launches of SignalRGB
  • The time needed to initialize new devices/components has been massively reduced.
  • This should reduce any UI stutters from adding/removing devices and lower initial start up time noticeably.


  • Clicking on 'App Settings' will now open the Window Settings Page to match the behavior of the other category headers.
  • The User Directory can now be moved to a different folder in Windows Settings.
  • Window's Settings now has a toggle to change between the default 'minimize to system tray' and Exiting SignalRGB with the close button.

Device Updates

  • An Issue with the Cooler Master Gen 2 A1 Lighting Controller has been fixed.
  • An Issue with the Corsair K65 Mini has been fixed.
  • Roccat Products will now link to a Roccat Brand Troubleshooting page on the wiki instead of the default landing page.
  • An Issue with the Roccat Kone XP's USB Endpoints getting out of order on specific systems has been resolved.
  • TBA

New Devices

  • Corsair K100 Added on USB Product Id 0x1BC5
  • NZXT RGB and Fan Controller Added on USB Product Id 0x2011
  • Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro (Wireless) Added Thanks to Ruinator!
  • Razer Ornata V3 X Added Thanks to Orcus and Rafee!
  • TBA

Component Updates

  • The Cooler Master MF120 and MF140 Fans have been mirrored and slightly tweaked for scaling.

New Components

  • NZXT AER 2 140mm Fan Added
  • TBA

New GPU's

  • Asus GTX 1060 6GB Founders Edition
  • TBA