ASUS WL-700gE Firmware

March 30, 2006
17.1 MB
Windows (all)
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What's New:

1. Adds XBOX360 support
2. Adds PPPoE relay
3. Chg: PPPOE module for performance and stability
4. Chg: Enhance ctorent for BT download performance
5. Chg: Adjust Bandwidth Mangement for quicker ACK, remove default rule for HTTP access.
6. Chg: Adjust FTP accound access:
PBSA mode: Anonymous access(without password) for username : "anonymous", "ftp", "guest"
Access Right: allow to delete/rename if share access write/delete is enabled.
7. Chg: Add back ap mode for better NAS performance. But user need to unplug/plug power to make it work.
8. Chg: Enhance NAS performance in gateway mode.
9. Chg: Enlarge port range for BT listen to 1024~65535
10. Chg: Add link to Windows Setting from User Management when system is in PBSA mode.
10. Fix: DDNS update problem
11. Fix: Webcam can't record exceed 6 seconds.
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