The latest version of Opera Browser includes browser AI, Tab Islands, smooth animations and a clean modular design, delivering the most forward-thinking browsing experience to date.

How many versions of Opera are there?

For desktop users, there are three main versions of Opera. The mainstream version of Opera, which has rebranded as Opera One and has various privacy features including a built-in VPN. Opera GX designed for gamers with integration to services like Twitch. And Opera Crypto for the crypto Web3-minded user.

How do I activate the Opera VPN?

To activate the Opera built-in VPN, open the settings tab and navigate to advanced settings, where you will find the VPN option. Once enabled, a VPN badge will appear left of the address bar. Pressing that VPN button will show you a dropdown of locations and a data meter.

Is Opera a Chinese browser?

Opera has its roots in Norway where it was developed by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Geir Ivarsøy. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, however it was acquired in 2016 by a Chinese investment group and has become a multinational company with offices in several other countries.


Tab Islands

Easily arrange tabs in separate groups for intuitive, context-based browsing. Tab Islands let you keep related tabs together, which can be collapsed or expanded as needed for more room and focused browsing.

Browser AI

Chat with AI on desktop and mobile in Opera Browser. ChatGPT and Aria, Opera's free and unlimited browser AI, are seamlessly integrated into your browser.

Built-in Messengers

Easily use your favorite messengers and social apps while browsing the web. WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and more are built right into your sidebar.

Free & Pro VPN

Browse privately using Opera's built-in, free VPN on desktop and mobile. Or even subscribe to VPN Pro to get enhanced protection for your entire device.

Ad Blocker

Enjoy cleaner and smoother browsing with less distractions. Ad Blocker protects your privacy and speeds up your browsing on both mobile and desktop.

Flow file sharing

Instantly send files, links and notes between your devices.

macOS Support

Opera natively supports the newest line of Apple M-series processors. With the transition from Intel to Apple Silicon chips, Apple is able to gain more control over the performance of Mac hardware and the software that runs on macOS.

What's New

  • CHR-9593 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-121-5045 to 121.0.6167.140
  • DNA-114421 Animate text in tab cycler from the center of the screen
  • DNA-114519 Crash at media::AVStreamToVideoDecoderConfig(AVStream const*, media::VideoDecoderConfig*)
  • DNA-114537 Default value for synchronization changed from 'Do not sync data' to 'Customise sync'
  • DNA-114554 Add shadow to tab thumbnails in tab cycler
  • DNA-114555 Fade out long tab titles
  • DNA-114686 [Import] Import from Opera Crypto is marked as done even when Crypto is not installed
  • DNA-114691 Update font colors
  • DNA-114692 Update shadow (glow) of tabs
  • DNA-114693 Update position of text and tabs when cycling through tabs
  • DNA-114790 [Linux] Unwanted 1px top border in full screen mode