Potential iPod Touch clone in the works by Microsoft

By on April 11, 2009, 9:17 PM
The story first broke over at Engadget when a set of marketing mock-ups of Microsoft’s new Zune, the “Zune HD” were discovered. Microsoft has yet to publicly admit to an iPod touch clone, however based on the initial information that is now available, it appears that the Zune HD will feature a similar unpretentious single home button and a widescreen display which is smaller than that of the iPod touch but fitted to a thicker shell.

The rumor does hold some promising foresight in that the conceptual Zune HD holds parallels to the target audience and general engineering of the original Zune, which also had a lower-density screen and a heftier housing than the first iPod.

Expectations for the Zune HD include implementation of a full-fledged Wi-Fi music store. It should be also safe to assume from its name that a lot of focus will go into video playback, though nearly all information currently available is nothing more than hearsay. Could we start to see some hype over a potential iPod killer all over again? Unless Microsoft tinkers with the idea of sharing some of the strengths a new Zune could inherit from the popular Xbox platform we seriously doubt it.

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Wendig0 said:
This wouldn't surprise me at all, seeing as how Microsoft copies most of what Apple does anyway. e.g. Windows
fwilliams said:
You are very kind to use the word "copies". I think it be a little more like stealing, but that is just me.
TJGeezer said:
I thought they both stole the concept from Xerox, whose execs were too stuck in their soon-to-die copier service model to see the value of Windows or of the mouse, or of presumably any number of Xerox Parc innovations.
Relic said:
From my understanding both companies copied the concept and feel of the GUI. Either way, it'd be nice to see the Zune HD and the Zune as a whole grow. Better competition, more innovation, better prices, always leads to more choices and that makes me as a consumer happy :-) .
dustin_ds3000 said:
i have a 1st gen zune and i have been happy with it for the past two years. right now i dont use it much because my computer is right in front of me 80% of the time but im sure will buy this Zune HD around the beginning of next year
9Nails said:
I have 24 Gigs of music (at 128-bit) and just an iPod Touch 16 Gig. D'oh!! I'm more than happy to give up my Touch to a kid and get something new, but it has to do everything as well as my iPod Touch and give me more room or it's no go.
ratticon said:
[b]Originally posted by Wendig0:[/b][quote]This wouldn't surprise me at all, seeing as how Microsoft copies most of what Apple does anyway. e.g. Windows [/quote]I don't understand what you are saying here. They both have window managers, they have both upgraded the design of their interfaces when their respective userbases have systems averaged at a higher gfx hardware level...
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