AMD showcases the Phenom II X4 overclocked to 7GHz

By Justin Mann on April 23, 2009, 5:19 PM
AMD's recently introduced Phenom II X4 platform has been impressing people, particularly in the price vs performance category. For a glimpse on what is on offer, take a look at today's review of the new Phenom II X4 955 which goes into detail on how the new chip stacks up. Although AMD is suffering financially, they are working hard to make sure they get attention on this new processor. To that end, they've recently posted a public overclocking test that demonstrates just how far the X4 955 can go.

AMD claims that in internal testing, with exotic cooling methods, the 45nm based processor was able to reach speeds as high as 7GHz. Third-party sites were somewhat able to confirm this, with certain users able to reach 6.7GHz. Completely impractical for the ordinary user or even an enthusiast, but definitely indicative of where AMD can go with this architecture. AMD has also stated that the new Phenom II X4 955 can be overclocked to 3.8GHz using the stock fan unit. In our tests however we hit a ceiling of 3.7GHz and that was using a high performance after-market cooler.

AMD still has ground to cover as they've been unable to go head to head against Core i7 chips so far. That said, offering good value in the mainstream sector should be more than enough to keep the afloat, especially with their recent practice of reusing the AM2+ platform and giving legacy AMD users a solid upgrade path, unlike Intel.

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eafshar said:
i really like the fact that the new phenom II fits into the am2 boards... its definitely helps to see that amd, unlike intel, is doing what they can to provide costumers with an upgrade path. i bought an intel E8400 on a asus motherboard.. now the highest thing i can get for it is the Q9650 i think.AMD is being smart about it. they are saying buy our motherboards now with this cpu.. and u can easily upgrade it later to this new cpu which we'll make later which is gonna beat lets say the i7. so thinking about it financially.. its the smartest decision. specially with the option of using ddr2.. a lot of people on the budget should go with AMD and spend the 100-200$ they save on a better graphic card. if i had to chose i2 920 with a 4850 vs a phenom II 955 with a 4890.. i'd go with the second choice.
aolish said:
wait a sec.. does that mean that i'm able to upgrade my processor to this one or any other Phenom II? According to neweggs specs these are only for AM2+ or AM3 mobos only. I only have an am2 board. Can I still upgrade? :( My mobo is the M2N-SLI DELUXE.
red1776 said:
it says 'their recent practice of of reusing the AM2 platform and giving legacy AMD users a solid upgrade path,. sorry aolish, AM2+ is a 'get ready for the next gen board'...AM2 is not
Julio said:
My apologies aolish, the difference a plus sign makes (story now edited, we correctly stated AM2+ in all of our recent AMD Phenom CPU reviews however).The first AM2+ motherboards started to make it to market around mid 2007.
BMfan said:
It's such an awesome processer and i am so glad went with AMD and steyed with them when nothing seemed to be happening there.Bought my 720BE cpu and in a couple of months i am going to get the AM3 motherboard
Zeromus said:
AM2+? All this time I've been an Intel bigot and never giving AMD a chance at beating intel. They still can't win, but truly kudos to them! I remember long ago, I touched an an AMD...ramble ramble.
TBolt said:
I've been using Intel's for the past several years due mostly to Intel having better performance than comparable AMDs (and this after being a big AMD user for quite a long time). AMD's marketing philosophy now has gained my always kind of bugged me to have restricted upgrade paths with Intel. The potential overclockability of the new Phenoms and less restrictive mobo applications causes me to strongly consider going the AMD route...most definately as a replacement to my second desktop. Thanks AMD! Competition does wonderous things. Your response, Intel...? ;)
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