Music publishers follow the RIAA's lead, sue LimeWire

By on June 17, 2010, 1:43 PM
Eight music publishers have teamed up to pursue legal action against LimeWire, which is already treading deep water after losing a significant case against the RIAA. In that case, a judge granted the file-sharing service a two-week reprieve after being found liable for copyright infringement, induced copyright infringement, and unfair competition.

Arranged by the National Music Publishers' Association, the piggyback suit names EMI, Sony, Universal, Warner, Bug, MPL, Peermusic, and the Richmond Organization as plaintiffs four big dogs along with four independents. According to the publishers' association, the group filed suit because most publishers weren't represented in the RIAA's case.

However, given the RIAA's success, the organization is confident it has a winning case, claiming that the "knowing and deliberate infringement is massive, as is the harm" and of course, they're seeking tremendous damages. The publishers are after $150,000 for each song shared illegally on LimeWire, which could total hundreds of millions or more.

That figure is in addition to the RIAA's damage award, which could supposedly top a billion dollars. Despite the recording industry's motion to close the service's doors, LimeWire is fighting to keep them open. The P2P company is reportedly trying to start a new paid subscription model and "publishers are absolutely a part of that solution."

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Guest said:

$150,000 for each song?! Holy Moley!

Basher said:

I'm glad I started using Yahoo Music years ago. Now I use Rhapsody since they combined with Yahoo Music and offered me the same $6 a month unlimited plan. I haven't pirated music in years.

Guest said:

F*ck the riaa is all i gotta say, 150,000 for each song what are those greedy sons of b*tches gona do with all that money ???

Matthew Matthew, TechSpot Staff, said:

It's probably worth noting that the industry always seeks $150,000 per infringed article because it's the highest permitted by law -- or so I believe (anyone care to confirm that?). They strive for the maximum but rarely (if ever) receive it.

Burty117 Burty117, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I'm kinda glad limewire is going down, that place had more evils than just pirated music!

Jibberish18 said:

You know who RIAA reminds me of?


Armanian said:

"$150,000 for each song shared illegally on LimeWire"

Each song?? That wont run into the hundreds of millions, that will run into the billions. Well i can say with confidence that nobody will have to pay out that much. So long for limewire, although i will say a new P2P software will come out anytime soon, or people will just move onto the next.

matrix86 matrix86 said:

The P2P company is reportedly trying to start a new paid subscription model

AWESOME! Now we can actually pay to download viruses!


Guest said:

Oh yea? how so?

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