Weekend Open Forum: Your browser of choice

By on July 23, 2010, 10:55 PM
Without looking at any stats, I'm confident to say web browsers are in the top three most used applications by PC users. In fact, the relevance of the web browser is soon to surpass its original intent with Google developing an operating system revolving around Chrome. But without delving too deep into what the future may hold, today the browser is where many of us spend a majority of our time, be it for production, consumption or recreational purposes.

We've come a long way since the early days of Firefox, which reopened the door for the browser's evolution. Today the picture is more complete than ever, with five major browsers competing for our attention. There are the usual suspects: IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome, as well as a handful of alternatives worth trying.

With that level of competition, you can expect development to continue accelerating. A rampant new version of Chrome is released every few weeks, and Mozilla is planning something similar, but for now we have a new major revision of Firefox in beta. Opera has remained small on the desktop, but has made impressive strides in the mobile market and on embedded devices, while Apple has turned itself into a leader by driving WebKit and bringing it to the iPhone. IE still holds the largest market share and Microsoft is working hard on Internet Explorer 9, but this may be their last opportunity to redeem themselves with early adopters, having the last two builds widely regarded as laggards.

Without further ado, we want to hear about your preferred browser or combination of browsers.
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kpo6969 kpo6969 said:

IE and FF 50/50

Relic Relic, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Been using Firefox & add-ons happily since 2004 and couldn't live without them =). I'll occasionally use Chrome/IE but FF is pretty much my main browser on all my PC's.

motrin said:

chrome, for me love the simple look and the speed!

US IE for some websites that require silverlight (mainly MS websites).

I use Firefox to download videos from YouTube, thats pretty much it.

I'm curious to see what MS will do with IE9!

Davidoff Davidoff said:

Firefox FTW!!!!

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Firefox has been my standard for a while. But after a couple of recent comparison reviews on a couple of tech websites where Opera was the speed winner, I've tried that. It is no doubt faster than hell. But in the bells and whistles department, it's definitely lacking.

SO...Firefox is my main, Opera is my experiment.

HaMsTeYr HaMsTeYr said:

Chrome and opera.

Cueto_99 said:

God, a year ago I was using IE 8 or Firefox 3, but, after the first day I installed Chrome, I dished those two! I just love the clean look, without excessive useless taskbars, and the ability to search from the url bar, just can't live without it!!

treeski treeski said:

I use Chrome for 90% of my browsing needs. Occasionally I'll use Pale Moon/IE to test random things or to view the occasional page that I am having trouble viewing in Chrome.

kuksoolkid said:

Opera is far superior to firefox or ie... and safari for real that shouldn't even be a choice compared to the other ones. So my vote is opera because who needs all that other junk, that Firefox is so famous for, if you really know how to use a computer.

St1ckM4n St1ckM4n said:

I use Opera, just because it's so sleek and does everything I want. It is on-par with Chrome in sleekness (window frame size, transparency, buttons etc), but with Chrome you have no Speed Dial, and no temp folder.

SSaywell said:

I used Firefox (4)/IE. I hope IE 9 is good as I would kinda like to just use IE as my main browser due to the fact that nearly every website works in IE, something that can't be said for the rest.

g4mer said:

For some reason i hate Chrome. FIREFOX #1 !!

Matthew Matthew, TechSpot Staff, said:

I nearly converted to Chrome but I believe Firefox 4 has won me back. I still use both regularly though, because some sites don't work properly in FF4 yet.

g4mer said:

Internet Explorer is a simple program that comes with Windows that allows you to download web browsers like Firefox and Opera.

Punkid said:

i hate chrome too.... firefox and opera \m/

Decimae said:

I tried using chrome once(because I wanted to save my tabs in ff4b1 which was lagging). This happened:


So well, FF is still my browser of choice, mostly because of the extensions. Opera seems nice too; but won't support a single extension. Safari seems not bad too; but IE still is the worst popular browser available.

myrmidonks myrmidonks said:

FF is my browser of choice currently, because of the amount of customization it allows for. However, on my 5 year old laptop, chrome is the much faster browser, loading quicker itself, and loading pages faster as well.

Guest said:

Using Opera for 7 years now it's the leader everyone else copies and play catch up

Ithryl said:

Been using Opera for several years now. Wasn't 100% satisfied with the 10.x releases though so I've been giving a try to Chrome esp. in Linux while sticking to Opera in Windows most of the time.

Per Hansson Per Hansson, TS Server Guru, said:

I've used Opera for as long as I can remember

Especially when I was on dialup which I was until 2005 it was a tremendous difference compared to the others, not only in speed but usability IMO

I also use the other browsers, Chrome is nice but lacks a good built in session manager, I use it on a Swedish site regularly tho which is super heavy on scripting, check it out, search for some computer hardware, really a cool site: www.prisjakt.se

Firefox I use when there is something that Opera wont display properly, that is quite rare tho

Internet Explorer I guess is the last resort, for Windows Update on XP & Server 2k3 and older plus the odd site which does not work properly in any of the above (for example older exchange webmail servers etc)

Guest said:

Opera rulez baby, much more customizable than chrome and even faster

Guest said:

opera 10.60 is untouchable in speed and options though I am looking forward to Firefox 4.

Rhodenator said:


Chrome = 95%

IE = 5% (Only used when I have issues in a website which is about once every 6 months or when I need to do something remotely for work)


IE = 95%

Chrome = 5% (I only use Chrome for www.Pandora.com due the the Windows pass-through authentication when accessing internal sites such as SharePoint. I just prefer not to get prompted for credentials...)

Guest said:

I just dont get why you wouldn't use Firefox - you can remove all the useless bars and move the address bar and back/forward/refresh stuff onto the file/edit/history bar, so it is just as tidy as chrome. And you can remove the status bar at the bottom. AND with add-ons you can have no more adverts ever again! Even text adds! And almost every webpage is formatted to use it. And that's just scratching the surface for add-ons. How can you possibly want Chrome over that? And speed difference is negligable, and furthermore Mozilla showed it was a perceived difference not a real one.

JMMD JMMD, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I've been using Firefox since version 2.x. Can't beat the addons, I use NoScript and Adblock.

treetops treetops said:

I use Firefox and IE when I have any problems with Firefox. Some web pages made by microsoft only work with ie. I never tried out anything past firefox because well Im happy with it.

Archean Archean, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I've been using FF as my primary browser for ages, and recently I switched FF4B1, I've also been using Minefield for several years now. Opera is a secondary choice along with IEx64.

DarkCobra DarkCobra said:

The Fox Rocks!

gwailo247, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I use Chrome on my "safer" computer in which I pretty much just go to certain web sites like commerce, bill paying, etc.

On my other computer I use Firefox with a lot of extras running, mainly protection, adblocking, etc. I feel more comfortable going to random web sites on this computer.

I still get occasional hiccups with those two, so once in a while I'll run the IE 8, but to be perfectly honest, when they made the change from IE 6 to IE 7, and moved everything around, I stopped using IE 7 altogether. I got so used to where all the buttons and menu items were, that I really did not like the changes.

SNGX1275 SNGX1275, TS Forces Special, said:

Opera is my choice, but ever since 10.5 it has been really unstable on my PowerPC Mac, so I've resorted to using the pre-release of Firefox 4, its pretty nice but I really miss certain things about Opera. Still use Opera on my PCs though.

mattfrompa mattfrompa said:

Home-Firefox 3.6.8

Work-IE 8

TJGeezer said:

Using FF4 and liking it so much I only go to IE8 on the rare occasions when FF4 has problems. IE8 also for MS sites and a few financial or corporate sites I need that still don't believe browsers exist outside of IE. I like IE8 pretty much but FF is more fun to dink around with - more extensions, etc. Plus FF4 is very fast and does 95% of what I need, even in beta 1.

Chrome feels limited to me but it's still an early work in progress. I try it every few updates but still prefer FF for fun and IE8 for the shrinking number of IE-only sites. I drifted away from Opera a few versions ago but might try it again if it's compatible with Xmarks and LastPass - have to find out about that.

Guest said:

Firefox is the king. Chrome is the prince. Opera is the princess. IE8 is just a commoner.

Modena said:

Firefox FTW!

ikesmasher said:

i cant stand it when people use IE. no offense, but it really annoys site makers when internet explorer blocks out half of the site because it COULD harm the computer. but IE doesnt even scan the content, it just sees what type of content it is. no flash videos, no mouseover. on ie.

ElShotte ElShotte said:

Dear god. So I just read this article, the first comment said FireFox 4 for life... had 3.5.1 installed, and didn't even know the FF4 beta is already available. Just got it, and it's looking sweet. Looks a bit like a Chrome rip-off, but sweet none the less. Thanks for pointing it out. Don't know yet whether it's going to replace Chrome, but Im liking it so far.

raybay said:

I, too like both Firefox and Opera... depends on whether we are using the laptop or the desktop... but either wins out over any other.

red1776 red1776, Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe, said:

Opera and FF

Guest said:

firefox is my main browswer and chrome as a backup for when firefox doesn't behave.

captaincranky captaincranky, TechSpot Addict, said:

I have to say Firefox.Love those themes. Right now I'm using "Pimpzilla". The fake leopard fur in the tab bar is awesome....And come to think of it, so are the diamond studded browser buttons. Gold plated scroll bars too.... it bees fly....!

red1776 red1776, Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe, said:

I have to say Firefox.Love those themes. Right now I'm using "Pimpzilla". The fake leopard fur in the tab bar is awesome....And come to think of it, so are the diamond studded browser buttons. Gold plated scroll bars too.... it bees fly....!

yo dog, it still don't be havin spinna's

captaincranky captaincranky, TechSpot Addict, said:

Yeah well, the rhinestones do glitter when you rollover them, so there...! :p

Guest said:

Firefox is the browser I use at work and at home, if sites do not work in Firefox, they do not work for me.

posermobile89 said:

@Guest, I quite enjoy your comment, the only thing that would make it better is if you said Opera instead

Guest said:

In addition to all the browsers mentioned above, I sometimes use Epic Browser too.

Aeonlinux said:

Firefox is THE browser.

captaincranky captaincranky, TechSpot Addict, said:

Ain't Gots None.........

yo dog, it still don't be havin spinna's
Next time, work the double negative into this, I think it would sound more authentic.

Sic; "yo dog, it still don't be havin' no spinna's....!

Guest said:

I use FF most of the time and Chrome just for a change. BTW Cueto_99, you can search from the url bar in FF, I do it all the time.

red1776 red1776, Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe, said:

Next time, work the double negative into this, I think it would sound more authentic.

Sic; "yo dog, it still don't be havin' no spinna's....!

well obviously....I stand corrected Ice Cap

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