The best browser for your Mac is the one that comes with your Mac. Safari is faster and more energy efficient than other browsers, so sites are more responsive and your notebook battery lasts longer between charges. Built-in privacy features are stronger than ever. It works with iCloud to let you browse seamlessly across all your devices. And it gives you great ways to find and share your favorites. Put it all together, and no other browser offers such a rich web experience.

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What's New

New Features

  • Redesigned the Safari user interface in macOS 12, iOS and iPadOS 15, along with adding Tab Groups and customization sync.

Authentication and Passwords

  • Added support for Verification Codes to the iCloud Keychain Password Manager. To use verification codes with Safari and Autofill:
  • Use autocomplete=one-time-code to make an eligible for AutoFill.
  • Use a standard otpauth URL and replace the scheme with apple-otpauth to link directly to the password manager for setup.
  • Use a raster image to enable contextual menus on otpauth QR codes that offer to set up a verification code generator.
  • Added technology preview of passkeys in iCloud Keychain:
  • Passkeys are WebAuth credentials intended to replace passwords for website and apps with device sync and backup.
  • To Enable the technology preview, in Safari choose Develop > Enable Syncing Platform Authenticator.


  • Added support for aspect-ratio for box elements.
  • Added support for lab(), lch(), hwb() color syntaxes.
  • Added support for predefined color spaces using the color() syntax: srgb, display-p3, a98-rgb, prophoto-rgb, rec2020, xyz.
  • Adjusted environment variable calculations where appropriate to adjust for the safe area of the new iOS design.


  • Redesigned form controls in iOS.
  • Added support for the theme-color meta tag to change the tab bar background and over-scroll area in macOS and iPadOS, and the status bar in iOS.
  • Added support for the media attribute to specify theme-color meta tags for Dark Mode and light appearance.


  • Added top-level await.
  • Added support for ES6 Modules in Workers and ServiceWorkers.
  • Added support for Error.cause.
  • Added support for private class methods and accessors (Safari 14.1 added support for private data member syntax).
  • Added support for BigInt64Array and BigUint64Array.


  • Added support for the MediaSession API to enable SharePlay experiences.
  • Added Playback Speed and Chapters menus to built-in media controls.
  • Added hardware accelerated VP9 and WebM in MSE on all iPads that support iPadOS 15.
  • Added support for the Opus audio codec in WebM containers.

Security & Privacy

  • Added support for automatic HTTPS upgrades.
  • Added IP address hiding from known trackers which users can enable in Safari Preferences.
  • Private Click Measurement enhancements for privacy-preserving ad click attribution:
  • Updated attribution reporting to also send reports to the click destination.
  • Added click fraud prevention with un-linkable tokens.
  • Added IP address protection for attribution reports.


  • Added support for indicating an estimated arrival date for shipping methods.
  • Added support for the user to enter a coupon code.
  • Added support for marking the shipping method as in-store pickup.


  • Added support for streaming compilation.
  • Added support for bulk memory operations.
  • Added support for reference types.
  • Added support for non-trapping conversions from float to int.

Web APIs

  • Added support for WebGL 2. The implementation of WebGL runs on top of Metal for better performance.
  • Added support for Web Share level 2 enhancements to Web Share that enable sharing files from a web page to an app. See Web Share API for more information.
  • User gestures now propagate through requestAnimationFrame with a one second time limit.

Web Extensions

  • Added support for Safari Web Extensions in iOS and iPadOS.
  • Added support for declarativeNetRequest in Safari Web Extensions.
  • Web Inspector
  • Added an inspected page overlay for visualizing and debugging CSS grid contexts.