Packaging for Apple's budget 'iPhone 5C' hits the web

By on July 28, 2013, 6:03 PM

This is typically the time of year when iPhone rumors really start heating up and it seems that 2013 is no exception. The latest on the Apple front comes in the form of an image recently posted on a Chinese discussion board which allegedly shows a bin full of plastic packaging for what most believe will be a budget iPhone.

Follow up: A more recent report about Apple's supplier Pegatron would have inadvertently confirmed the existence of plastic iPhone '5C' model.

The plastic shells look convincing enough but the real interesting part here is the name plastered on the side of the package: iPhone 5C. The writing is stylized such that it doesn’t fit Apple’s traditional naming convention but when you consider Apple’s upcoming redesign of iOS, the idea of a brand or logo change isn’t exactly out of the question.

Plastic packaging for an iPhone would be a first as well but it’s worth pointing out that the iPod touch is sold in a plastic shell. What the “C” could stand for, however, is anyone’s guess at this point. Some believe the letter could stand for “Color,” as the cheaper iPhone is rumored to be available in a number of different colors for the first time ever.

The only thing we know for certain about the next iPhone is that it will arrive with iOS 7 pre-installed. Described as the biggest change to the operating system since the introduction of the iPhone, the redesign comes courtesy of designer Jony Ive. It includes new icons, a new color pallet, revised fonts and the use of translucency throughout in addition to a number of other changes.

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Guest said:

I doubt that Apple will bring this to the US market. If so it would be a stupid move. The expensive version is selling extremely well, with a cheaper version they may sell even more but make less money.

Bringing this model to markets like China or India would make sense but may also harm the iPhone brand as something special and luxurious.

mario mario, Ex-TS Developer, said:


MilwaukeeMike said:

What the ?C? could stand for, however, is anyone?s guess at this point

Well.. a few days ago we saw Apple report their financials to the world and we saw that they're not making as much on each iPhone as they used to. One of the reasons is because citizens of China are buying older models because they can't afford the full priced ones. That fueled the rumor that there would soon be a lower priced new iPhone model. Now we see a box with a C on it, and C is for COOKIE! I mean, China. I think the story is right... This is the box for their lower priced new iPhone that they'll sell in China.

And seriously... we used to only have these rumor stories when actual pictures of a phone leaked out... now we're doing it for the box?

Julio Franco Julio Franco, TechSpot Editor, said:

Hmm, who knows. Apple may be feeling the heat from Android devices that can innovate faster while offering very competitive smartphones at lower price points. It wouldn't be the first time they take this approach. Now, knowing Apple, if they go with the cheaper iPhone route, for sure it won't feel cheap, so the naming convention doesn't sound too convincing: iPhone C -- is 'C' for cheap, China, cost-effective, color?

JC713 JC713 said:

5C does not sound too good. I do not think this whole budget iPhone rumor is true. Older devices like the iPhone 4 and 4S (which are probably higher specced than this "budget" phone) are half price or even free.

1 person liked this | ghasmanjr ghasmanjr said:

My guess is the iPhone 5c = "compact" since they've been claiming that they will make a smaller, toned-down budget model to be released alongside the iPhone 5s

Guest said:

What does the "C" stand for? nothing, of course. what does the "S" in "3S" or "4S" mean. nothing officially. so the same goes with "C".

Emexrulsier said:

Or the C could stand for "Cheap, Crap, Crud, Cocaine, Cabbage" What ever the phone is still an iphone and will only be bought my isheep.

fimbles fimbles said:

Im going with compact.

An iphone mini if you will :P

hitech0101 said:

A budget phone from apple will still expensive then other similar phones in the market.

1 person liked this | MannerMauler said:


JC713 JC713 said:

What does the "C" stand for? nothing, of course. what does the "S" in "3S" or "4S" mean. nothing officially. so the same goes with "C".

I think in 3S, the S stood for Speed. For the 4S, S stood for Siri. I think that was official.

Rasta211 said:

I got it! The 'C' means China! an iPhone for China!

dennis777 dennis777 said:

C is for china...

"God created the world in seven days", the rest is "Made in China"

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