A new report has surfaced claiming the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone could ship in multiple colors. We’ve heard similar rumors leading up to the launch of previous generations but thus far, Cupertino has stuck to their guns with the white and black color schemes. But with Apple’s recent stock woes and increased competition from Samsung, could now be the time that we finally see multi-colored iPhones?

Two different sources recently told Macotakara that the rumored low-cost iPhone could come in a variety of colors. One source mentioned navy, gold / orange, white and gray as possibilities while the second said we can expect to see the cheaper model arrive in white, pink, green, blue and yellow / orange. Both sources didn’t list black as a possibility which is interesting considering that color has been with the iPhone for years.

As for the iPhone5S, the publication believes it will arrive in the traditional white and black in addition to a few other colors, perhaps green and gold. The design of Apple’s new flagship is said to be the same as the iPhone 5 although it could ship with a dual-LED flash. Rumors of a dual-LED flash also sprang up in the weeks and months leading to the iPhone 5 release but of course that never happened.

Other subtle changes are said to include a resign of the rear microphone hole that would see Apple ditch the pill-shaped cutout for one that is circular.