Xigmatek NRP-MC802 800W

  • Xigmatek NRP-MC802 800W
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  • Handled full power ambient temperatures of 48 degrees, modular, lots of connectors.


  • Ripple suppression only slightly better than average.

Expert reviews and ratings

By VR-Zone on 92

Quality (30% of the total score) Xigmateks NRP-MC802 may be simple looking but it is a very high quality, well made power supply, designed by one of the most reputable OEMs at this point of time. Xigmatek chose some of the finest...

By JonnyGuru on 75

Xigmatek had a good product in the NRP-MC702. While I wish I could say the same about the larger 800 watt model, I find myself unable to do so today. This unit needs work on voltage regulation, could use a bit better ripple suppression, and some minor...