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FPS mode feels so loose you could be trying to balance an ice cube. It is possible to play the game well, but only really because its so easy 99% of the time. Driving is equally hard, with control about as easy as eating with a single chopstick. Turning seems impossible unless you break while you’re doing it, even when traveling at slow speeds. Third person view results in an obstruction to most of the viewing area, and makes aiming unnecessarily hard.

The limited gameplay is disappointing. Not only is it predictable (in all cases), but also very easy, which just confirms my hunch that the game is geared towards a younger audience. Graphically, T3DGM has some very good points, some of the time at least. Which harks back to my earlier thought; T3DGM concentrates too heavily on graphics and not on gameplay.

One thing that annoyed me was the compass. This could be disabled, but quite why it was enabled by default was a mystery to me. It was a hindrance most of the time, and very annoying.

AI was apparently non-existent, the enemies tended to “just shoot”. Not that you’d notice it most of the time, they could be killed so quickly. Despite the appearance of the enemy or Boss, essentially they were always all the same.


T3DGM offers an easier way to create games than I’ve ever seen before. However its approach of “go through the level, kill and pickup items as necessary until you reach the end” is repetitive, limited and tiresome. I was fed up of the software after just a couple of hours. It might appeal to the younger audience, who perhaps only expect to play one level and are used to the likes of Lego creation or Disney print studios. The Dark Basic creation is undeniably powerful, but nonetheless not enough to merit a high appraisal. Crucially, what I feel is missing is a level editor, if only vector based to remove the apparent linearity T3DGM exhibits. It’s a great idea for a program, but the final result was not up to its expectations.


  • Lots of options

  • Ability to use user sounds and textures

  • Can save externally.


  • Limited to one level per game

  • Some compatibility problems

  • Game usually ends up taking one of the approaches suggested by T3DGM rather than your own idea.

  • No vector based scene editor

  • Limited Mission objectives

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