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HP rumored to be considering company "break up"

In 2011, former CEO Leo Apotheker proposed jettisoning HP's iconic PC business -- a division which suffers from notoriously anemic profit margins -- in an attempt to return HP to greater profitability. Although Apotheker's successor, Meg Whitman, canned that idea,…

Weekend tech reading: How HP lost its way

A few months after she took over as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) last September, Meg Whitman held one in a series of get-to-know-you meetings with employees. To say the audience, a group of software engineers and managers, was sullen would be an understatement...

HP won't sell its PC business after all

HP won't sell its PC business after all. The company finished evaluating strategic alternatives for its Personal Systems Group (PSG) today and decided that its customers, partners and shareholders would be best served if the unit remained at home. This…

Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman expected to take over at HP

Update: It's official. Léo Apotheker is out as CEO of HP, and former eBay chief Meg Whitman will take his place. HP has seen seven CEOs come and go in the past 11 years and the current head, Leo Apotheker, has held the position for less than a year.