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PlatinumGames is hard at work on a brand new IP

According to DualShockers, PlatinumGames Producer Atsushi Inaba teased that the studio was working on a new original IP. He did not reveal much about the game only saying that it will be headed up by a new director. Inaba used…

A Witcher TV series is coming to Netflix

The Witcher Saga, the series of eight novels that inspired the hugely successful Witcher video games, is getting its own Netflix TV series. Author Andrzej Sapkowski will serve as a creative consultant on the show, while CD Projekt Red, the…

Eidos Montreal says you can "forget" about a Thief 5

Last week we reported that Straight Up Films might have leaked that a fifth installment of the Thief series was in the works. However, this rumor was blown to smithereens yesterday when Eidos Montreal head David Anfossi sarcastically tweeted, “Apparently…

Tencent announces it is building an eSports town in China

Tencent, the Chinese internet giant worth $309 billion, boasts a broad investment portfolio. It recently bought 5 percent of Tesla for $1.8 billion, and owns, among others, Clash of Clans publisher Supercell and League of Legends creator Riot Games. Now,…

Prey Review

Prey gives players freedom at every opportunity. It's ripe with moments that will be unique to every player and is a game that shines when you take your time and forge your own path. It falters when it tries to tell you a story, but you only have to listen to that tale as a last resort to see the end. It's better when its flexibility is letting you make stories of your own.

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