Your privacy and rights online, securing your systems, plus relevant stories on hacking and system vulnerabilities and patching.

DocuSign data breach leads to targeted phishing campaigns

Digital signature service DocuSign has confirmed that hackers recently managed to gain access to one of its computer systems and obtain customer and user e-mail addresses. The stolen data is already being put to use as the company says it…

Massive ransomware attack spreads across the globe

A new strain of ransomware is wrecking havoc all over the world, with hospitals across England and major companies in several countries reportedly affected. Security experts have identified the ransomware as a new strain of the WannaCry (also known as…

Keylogger discovered buried in HP audio driver (Updated)

Security researchers with Swiss firm modzero have discovered a keylogger buried in an audio driver packaged and distributed by HP since at least Christmas 2015. Although the code doesn’t appear to be intentional or malicious by nature, it’s alarming nevertheless…

Are backdoors into your devices inevitable?

Currently, we all enjoy a relatively secure experience when using our devices thanks to encryption. While nothing transmitted via radio waves or over the internet can ever be 100 percent protected, for now, device manufacturers do their best to secure…
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