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Network Setup

Much like other Unreal engine games, America ís Army features a network diagnostic tool which provides you with connection information that can be used to adjust your settings to optimize your network performance. To view this, at the console (Press the Tab key) type in stat net & hit the Enter key. The following should now display on your screen.

In general the information shown is split into In & Out, with In being defined as from the game server to you & Out from you to the game server. Reading this information is simple enough with the more relevant information being;

Ping . Ping is a measure of how much time in ms (Milliseconds) it takes to send a data packet to the server & then back to you. Basically the lower this value is the less latency/lag you should will notice while playing the game. Cable/DSL users will likely want to be around 100 whereas Dial-up users may be around 300 (This may well be lower/higher depending on a variety of circumstances).

Unordered. This displays the number of packets received/sent in incorrect order, this should constantly display as 0 lest there be connection problems, in which cause you should change server.

PacketLoss. This displays the percentage amount of packets which failed to be received/sent. Similar to the previous item this should also constantly display as 0 or you have connection problems, again change server if it rises above 0 regularly.

Packets. This displays the number of packets received/sent per second.

Bytes. The number of bytes received/sent per second.

Speed. The value displayed here reports the currently used Netspeed for your connection.

Based on the information displayed here you should be able to adjust your netspeed x value accordingly (Much like the rate setting in Quake engine games). This can be done via the console or using key bindings (Open the User.ini file in the System directory. Simply add the appropriate command after an unused key, e.g. F7=netspeed 5000. This will then apply your preset netspeed with 1 keystroke in the game). x determines the maximum number of bytes that the game server can send to the client per second. On a basic level, the greater your download bandwidth the higher you should be able to set this value. Dial-up users should try set this to around 4000 whereas Cable/DSL users should be able to set this to 10000 or perhaps more without issue, donít set it too high however as other players need bandwidth also. Should you find latency or ping increasing/high or have some Unordered packets or Packet loss occurring then lowering this value by several hundred should help resolve it.

You should also take a look at our Modem tweak guides for Windows 9x, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000 & Windows XP or ISDN tweak guides for Windows 2000 & Windows 9x for how to optimize your Internet connection & thus further improve network play in Americaís Army.


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