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Black & White is a stunning new, just released, game from Lionhead Studios Ltd, offering unique gameplay & some great new hardware support for features like Hardware T&L. All these new technologies may be a bit too much for some, or then again you may not know how to take advantage of it. That's what this guide's here for. Read on.


Begin by downloading the latest drivers for your Graphics card & Soundcard. This may solve (some) display or audio problems you might encounter. There are links to various manufacturers on the Drivers page.

Install DirectX 8.0A on your system if not already installed. This may fix problems with Display/Sound/Input devices.

If you experience static noise or irregular audio playback, try the following (assuming that installing the latest drivers donít fix the problems):

1.Click on Start, Settings, then Control Panel. If you have Windows 2000 or Millennium Edition installed note the icon names as shown in brackets below.

2.Open the Multimedia (Sounds & Multimedia) icon.

3.Select the Audio tab & then hit the Advanced Properties (Advanced) button.

4.Select the Performance tab.

5.Move the Hardware acceleration slider to the 2nd notch from the left (Basic Acceleration). Move the Sample rate conversion quality slider to the middle notch (Improved sample rate converter).

If you are having problems running the game (Performance or otherwise) on Windows 2000 then try checking our Windows 2000 Compatibility & Performance guide.

If you experience any lockups & such they might be caused by overclocking, if so try reducing the clock speed of the overclocked device. Black & White can be quite sensitive to overclocking.


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