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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : CD/DVD tweak guide

CD/DVD tweak guide
Last Updated on October 21, 2000 by Thomas McGuire
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CD-Quick cache

For the more hardcore people out there, particularly those with CD-writers & DVD drives. CD-Quick cache may be more suitable for you. With this program you “Can use up to 64MB of RAM or 512MB of hard disk for a CD-ROM cache”. This amount can be changed as you see fit.

While it does actually work (& work very well at that) it may not be of too much benefit to people that mainly game on the PC or those where the CD usage is minimal (playing audio CD’s doesn’t count), the $29 price for registering may also turn you off it.

NOTE – You can use either RAM or the Disk for the caching purposes, but not both.


Set the Disk cache to 32MB or so (depending on usage you may need more, or less). Unless you have over 128MB RAM I wouldn’t recommend using the RAM for caching. Although this may depend on whether or not you use the PC for other RAM intensive applications, such as games, or multimedia editing, like Adobe Photoshop. Seeing as the RAM is faster you may not need to set it quite as high as the Disk cache.


For best performance you should use RAM for caching, however this will leave less available for other applications. As a result most people will use the Disk cache instead. Using the Test facility with CD-Quick cache & my Disk cache set to 32MB I got the following results.

Without a CD cache & with CD Quick cache

As you can see the results are quite impressive. 45.73 seconds compared to 15.71 with CD-Quick cache enabled.

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