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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : FAKK 2 tweak guide


FAKK 2 tweak guide
Posted by Thomas McGuire on August 23, 2000 - Page 2/8

General tweaks

For optimal performance you should do a Full installation of the game, i.e. nothing should be run from the CD.

Install DirectX 7.0A or higher on your system; this may fix problems with input devices & such. This wont help graphical performance however (FAKK2 uses OpenGL for renderering).

Open your Config file using Notepad & Add/edit the following lines. Search for the following lines & edit the x value as appropriate.

com_hunkMegs "x". You can use this to set the amount of memory available to FAKK2. A general guideline to setting this value would be 2/3 of RAM. Keep in mind Windows9x needs about 16MB RAM minimum to run. You should also have closed all other programs before running FAKK2.

m_filter x. Set x to 1 to enable mouse filtering. This will average out mouse movements resulting in much smoother scrolling. A setting of 0 disables the filter. Id high recommend enabling this.

in_joystick "x". You wont be using a joystick to play FAKK2 so set x to 0. If you are, set it to 1. Mouse & keyboard is by far the better way to play though.

in_mouse "1". Set this to 1 to enable mouse support. If for some reason you arent using a mouse then set this to 0.

r_finish x. Setting x to 1 may eliminate lag from input devices (such as keyboard/mouse) at the cost of a few FPS. The default is 0 so only change it to 1 if you experience any controller lag. This ensures proper timing.


Load the game, then select Video/Audio. For the moment ignore the Audio tab, these will be covered later.

Screen resolution. Select a lower resolution to improve performance. Graphics may be slightly less appealing, but it will run better, which is more important.

Color Depth. Set this to 16bit to improve performance. You can set it to 32-bit for improved visual quality (only if your card supports 32 bit colour), this will help reduce banding.

Texture Detail. Options available are High, Medium & Low. The higher the setting the sharper textures in the game will appear, although performance will be lower. The lower the setting the more blurred textures will appear in the game, although performance will be improved.

Texture Quality. Set this to 32 bit for best image quality & 16 bit for improved performance. Again, your video card must support 32-bit rendering. Id highly recommend selecting 32-bit texture quality & using 16-bit color depth for the best image quality/performance trade off.

Brightness. Use this slider to set the brightness level in the game. Id recommend checking the visual configs section for more accurate ways for changing brightness levels in the game.

Fullscreen. Tick this setting. Youll want to run full-screen anyway, not windowed.

Excessive Violence. Tick this setting to enable the display of blood & gibs in the game. Unitcking this may improve performance when youre fighting.

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