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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : MS Flight Simulator 2000 tweak guide


MS Flight Simulator 2000 tweak guide
Last Updated on September 15, 2000 by Thomas McGuire

Flight Simulator 2000 is the latest in the long line of the Flight Simulator series, boasting new aircraft, improved visuals & more realism than ever. One problem associated with this is how resource intensive the game is, even despite its age it can bring the newest PCs to a crawl.

Of course you can always change settings to make the most of your particular machine. With that, on with the guide.


Install the latest patch for Flight Simulator 2000, depending on which version you have (Standard or Professional Edition), you can download the latest patch from Microsoft. The update includes several changes that should improve the smoothness of the simulation, especially during turns. These improvements are a result of optimizing the artwork & lighting for gauges that rotate, & optimizations to coastline rendering.

Install DirectX 7.0A or higher, Flight Simulator 2000 uses Direct3D for hardware rendering so it is highly recommended to have the latest version installed.

Install the latest Drivers for your Soundcard & Graphics card. This should ensure optimal performance, or other general improvements/bug fixes. Links to various manufacturers & drivers can be found here.


During the installation process you have a few installation options, depending on hard drive space Id recommend selecting Custom.

For optimal performance, you should install as many items onto the hard drive as possible. Id recommend Ticking Install Adventures, Install interior views (Unless you use external view modes the majority all the time).

Other than that install as many of the scenery files to the hard drive as possible. Particularly make sure that you install the locations around which you will be doing your flying most often, e.g. If you intend to fly in Africa mostly then its unlikely youll want to install the Alaska scenery.


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