Giants: Citizen Kabuto tweak guide


Giants contains many command line switches which can be used to further tweak your display settings (Details regarding how to add them shown earlier). Settings available are as follows;

-agptex. This setting enables the use of AGP texturing on supported systems (AGP graphics cards & supports AGP texturing). This can let Giants run on certain AGP cards that lack enough local texture memory. A general rule of thumb for this setting would be if you have more than 32MB video memory ignore it. If you have less than 32MB of video memory then insert it in. NOTE You can reduce texture memory requirements by Lowering the Texture Quality setting.

-equalz. When this line is inserted the Z depth is forced to be equal the colour depth you are running in. This setting is included for potential compatibility issues with future graphics cards & is not needed currently.

-lowtex. This setting reduces texture memory usage to 4MB. This should only be used by those with old Graphics Cards, e.g. Voodoo 1, which have low amounts of texture memory available.

-mixalpha. Do not use this setting with graphics cards with T&L units. This setting can help those using graphics cards with Alpha Blending problems in the game.

-noprimary. This setting is only needed if you have multiple graphics cards installed in your system & you wish to use the secondary graphics card for rendering Giants, e.g. If you have an S3 card & a Voodoo 2 you may wish to use the Voodoo 2 instead.

-notnl. This setting disables the use of Hardware T&L. This should only be of use for those who wish to benchmark their cards performance with & without Hardware T&L support or those graphics cards with poor T&L units such as the Savage 2000.

-5footclip. For those who prefer the longer range 'Z' precision when playing the game in 16 bit colour. Note - This setting can cause some clipping in 1st person mode, which may only be an issue with nVidia graphics cards in 16bit colour.

Load Giants, select Options, then Graphics Options.

Model Detail. Options available are Low, Medium & High. The Higher this setting the more detailed models in the game will appear, although performance can be lowered (Particularly on graphics cards with low polygon capabilities). The Lower the setting the less detailed models will appear in the game. Selecting a lower setting can improve performance on graphics cards with low polygon capabilities.

Enhanced Wave Effects. Set this to On to enabled the enhanced wave effects. Setting this to Off can improve performance, although the visual quality will be reduced slightly (Although not as greatly as setting Enhanced Water Effects to Off).

Enhanced Water Effects. Set this to On to enabled the enhanced water effect. This seems to allow water to sparkle as if sunlight is reflecting off of it. The screenshots below show the effect toggled On/Off.



For optimal performance set this to Off, although the water will appear very unrealistic as you can see from the shot above.


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