ISDN tweak guide (Windows 2000)

Now that it has become economically viable (& available), many people are choosing ISDN. ISDN Terminal Adapters (TAs) are rather more limited in how they can be tweaked. However there are still several things you can do to improve performance.

Updating drivers/Identifying the TA

First of all you should update your drivers. If you know how to do this then skip to the next section. Right click on My Computer, select Properties, now select the Hardware tab, then hit the Device Manager button. Finally open the Network Adapters tree.

You should see your ISDN card listed. Remember your exact model, as many manufacturers release several different versions of the same card, each needing different drivers. You should be able to find all the drivers you need at Windrivers. Update your driver using the instructions provided; some cards (like my one, for instance) have to have the old drivers Uninstalled before the new ones may be installed.

Be sure to check out our OS Updates page for further system updates, such as that to Service Pack 2. These can improve performance in some instances or just fix important security bugs in programs.

General tweaking

Once your drivers are updated go into control panel & then into Network and Dial-up Connections. Right click on the appropriate dialup connection & then click on Properties.

One of the devices in the Connect using section must be checked, otherwise you will not be able to connect. If you plan to connect using dual channels (128k) you should Tick them both. NOTE - Ticking both of them does not automatically give you connections of 128k. See the section on connecting at 128k later for further details. I would recommend Ticking both of them, so 128k connections can be enabled on the fly.

All devices should call the same number should be left Ticked at all times. You shouldn’t need to change the phone number unless you are having problems, in which case you could try changing the prefix 0 to 1, or even leaving it out completely (applies to UK only). I would recommend you leave the Show icon in taskbar when connected option Ticked at all times. Not only does this serve as a diagnostic for your connection, but it also enables you to switch beneath 64k & 128k connections on the fly (if available).

Now click on Configure button.

Set the Line type to 64k digital, setting it to anything else would be stupid really (Unless you have one of the other types of connection that is). You can try toggling Negotiate line type if you have trouble connecting, although it may decrease speed - in my experience it rarely does. You shouldn’t need to use a Proprietary protocol seeing as nearly all ISPs will support EDSS1 (Euro) ISDN. Now click Ok.


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