ISDN tweak guide (Windows 2000)

Now select the Networking tab.

You should have PPP (Point to Point Protocol) select as the Type of dial-up server I am calling, & have TCP/IP as your only component. You should remove as many other Network components as possible, although this may depend on whether you are on a solitary machine, or part of a network.

Now click the Settings button.

Tick the options shown in the picture above. You would be best off leaving Enable software compression Unticked for best overall system performance (Software compression is performed by the CPU), this is particularly important if you intend to play games online, where you’ll need as much free CPU resources as you can. Obviously this can effect download speeds & such, so should you just down Internet browsing/emailing mostly then leave it Ticked. Now click Ok.

Highlight TCP/IP & then select the Properties button.

  • Select Obtain an IP address automatically unless you have a static IP address assigned by your ISP.

  • Select Obtain DNS server address automatically unless you have know the relevant addresses for your ISP. Most ISP's will have this address on there tech support page/settings page.

Select the Advanced button next.

  • In the General tab tickUse default gateway on remote network. For Use IP header compression you will have to make a slight trade off depending on your usage. If you like to play games online a lot then leave this Unticked as it will improve ping times. For normal browsing/downloading, etc. Leaving this Ticked will improve speed.

In the WINS tab Untick Enable LMHOSTS lookup. Click Ok & exit.


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