ISDN tweak guide (Windows 98 & ME)

128k connections

Windows 9x/Me is unfortunately very clumsy when setting up 128k access. Move to the Multilink tab.

You should set up an option to enable 128k even if you donít plan to use it so its there just in case you need it. Click on Add & verify the number is correct. If youíve specified to use an area code in the General section, the number added should not have an area code prefix. If, however, you did not specify the dialing properties with an area code/prefix, you should add it into the new number here. The device should be the second (1) channel, for simplicity. Click Ok, then Ok again.

However, this alone doesnít automatically enable connections of 128k.You will still only connect at 64k. To activate the second channel, you first need to connect. Double click on the connected icon in the taskbar, & click on Details. To activate the other channel & give you 128k you need to click Resume. The second channel can be disconnected at any time by following the previous steps, but clicking on the Suspend button (it will change from Suspend to Resume & back again as you click on it).

128k is nearly always noticeably faster than 64k, & for most of you I would recommend connecting at 128k all the time. However, this also costs double the amount that a 64k connection does, & as such some may want to be a bit more conservative with this option.

Windows 9x/Me unfortunately does not support bandwidth on demand, like Windows 2000 does.


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