Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast tweak guide


Now select Controls followed by the Mouse/Joystick button.

Free Look. Set this Yes to enable the use of the Mouse for aiming. Setting it to No will force you to press the Mouselook key if you wish to use the mouse for this purpose. Obviously aiming with the Mouse is far easier than with the Keyboard so you should leave this set to On at all times.

Sensitivity. Moving this slider to the Right can improve mouse responsiveness along the X & Y-axis (Horizontal & vertical) although may make more accurate movement awkward due to the extra responsiveness. Id recommend leaving this set to the default position unless you find your Mouse fairly slow reacting to your input.

Invert Mouse. Set this to Yes to invert the Y-axis of your mouse. This means pulling back (towards you) on the mouse will result in looking up & vice versa.

Smooth Mouse. Setting this to Yes will enable the use of mouse filtering, which averages out mouse movement, which should result in smoother movement of the Mouse, which is strongly recommended. Selecting Off will disable this filtering.

Enable Joystick. Set this to On if you intend to play the Game with, drum roll, a Joystick. If you intend to use any other Input devices then set this to Off for slightly improved performance.

Now open the appropriate Config file & add/edit the following entries.

cl_mouseAccel "x". You can use this option to set whether or not your pointer moves at a greater rate during periods of faster tracking. Valid values for the acceleration level are 0 10, with 0 being no acceleration, though personally Id recommend leaving this set to 0.

r_finish x. Setting x to 1 may eliminate lag from Input devices e.g. Such as the Mouse, although may slightly lower your frame rate as a result. If you arent experiencing such controller lag then leave this set to 0 for optimal frame rate.

If you are using a Mouse (Which you should be) you can find out how to further tweak that device in our Mouse Tweak guide. Die hard Joystick users should check the Raven Software FAQ here however if youre still wishing to use one.



A good idea for further fine tuning Internet gameplay is to bind keys to different options, allowing you to easily change your rate value & so on. This easy enough to do. In the Config file add/edit the following as you require.

bind key command x. Replace key with the keyboard button to use & command x with the desired command to be used upon pressing that key, e.g. bind H rate 4500. You should do this with a few variations on commands, e.g. several rate binds this could allow you to easily increase/decrease rate values, useful should you find latency starting to rise, or perhaps easily toggle on/off the lagometer.

You should also take a look at our Modem Tweak guides for Windows 9x, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000 & Windows XP or ISDN Tweak guides for Windows 2000 & Windows 9x for how to optimize your Internet connection & reduce ping times further in Multiplayer Jedi Outcast.

Should you wish to create your own Server be sure to check out the information at Raven Software.


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