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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Metal Gear Solid tweak guide

Metal Gear Solid tweak guide
Last Updated on October 12, 2000 by Thomas McGuire - Page 2/4

Another potential problem is that of using game controllers, i.e. not the Keyboard or mouse,  & irregular performance/responsiveness with them. Ensure the following;

1.       Click on Start, Settings, then Control Panel.

2.       Open the Game Controllers (Gaming Options in Windows 2000/Millenium Edition) icon.

3.       Click the Advanced (Controller IDís in Windows 2000/Millennium Edition) tab.

4.       Check whether or not the game controller is assigned to ID 1. If it is not then use the Change button to re-assign the game controller to ID 1.

Should this fail then you may need to resort to lowering the Hardware acceleration a notch or 2 for Sound Playback as shown earlier.

This guide is based on the current retail version of the game (Although it should be applicable to the Demo version also) & may be applied to both the VR Missions & the Regular/Single Player modes.


Metal Gear Solid offers few installation options (Minimum & Complete) when it comes to initial installation of the game. Although which option you choose can have a significant effect on your frame rate.

If at all possible you should certainly do a Complete install for optimal performance of the game (no reading contents from the CD) Ė The CD will only be needed for authentication purposes.

A Minimum install will tend to make your game stuttering during gameplay (As content is streamed from the CD).


Load Metal Gear Solid, select Option then Graphics/Sound Options. Here you will find various options that control display settings.

Graphics brightness. Moving this slider to the Right will make the game brighter & vice versa. The brighter the visuals are the more washed out the textures will be. Adjust this setting to get the best trade-off between visibility & texture detail. Performance isnít affected, although visual quality is.

Remember, certain areas of the game or a scene are meant to appear dark (Generally for atmospheric or gameplay purposes), do not brighten up the game so much that you remove such areas.

Captions. Set this to On to enable subtitles in cinematic scenes or Off to disable subtitles in cinematic scenes as you see fit. Performance wonít be effected, although it may make it easier to understand any conversations going on during these when set to On.


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