Medal of Honor: Allied Assault tweak guide

Graphics Settings #2

Effects Detail. This option sets the LOD used for various effects that are rendered in the Game. Those of you with older Graphics cards &/or CPU should use a lower setting for this option though those with newer Graphics cards should be able to use a higher value with little adverse effect to the frame rate, though in large battles it might be wise to lower setting to a less detailed one to keep the frame rate smooth.

Curve Detail. This option determines how rounded the curves of certain objects/models are (Or arenít), e.g. Some tables & curvature of a road. This is a fairly cosmetic option so if your frame rate isnít too good you wonít lose much visual quality by setting this to Lowest or Low, those with newer Graphics cards &/or fast CPUs should be able to set this to High without any adverse affects. The screenshots further beneath illustrate the effect of this setting at the Lowest & High options.

Subtitles. Adjust this to your own gameplay preference.

Console. Tick this setting to enable the use of the console in the Game, which can be used to enter & use console commands during the Game, some which may not otherwise be available. Unticking this will disable the use of the console.

Static Decals. Tick this option to enable the rendering of pre-determined decals in the Game, i.e. those put there during the creation of the Map. This can enhance the realism of the Game a good amount, though on older Graphics cards the frame rate may well be adversely affected by these. Unticking this option will disable the rendering of these (This doesnít affect the Wall decals option) & is recommended for those with older Graphics cards or low frame rates.

Real Dynamic Lighting. When Unticked the Game will use a fast-mode approach to dynamic lighting, & is recommended for those with slower CPUs. Those on faster systems (800Mhz +) should Tick this option to enable the use of a more complex dynamic lighting mode which will result in a more realistic application of lighting in a level.

Full Entity Lighting. This option controls the lighting method used on models. When Unticked a single light source is used for lighting the entire model, which will provide best performance in the game, particularly in scenes where many models are visible. When Ticked lighting is applied to a model in a more realistic way, which will improve visual realism, though can reduce the frame rate a good deal on slower systems. Those with fairly fast CPUs (800Mhz +) should be able to Tick this setting with little adverse effect except possibly in larger battles.

Volumetric Smoke. Iím not too sure about what the option does as everytime I restart the Game I find it Unticked. That said, this didnít seem to have any noticeable effect on smoke effects when playing the Game, e.g. smoke after blasts from grenades. Answers on a postcard if you have any idea where/how this is used.

Weapons Bar. Adjust this to your own gameplay preference.

Crosshair. Adjust this to your own gameplay preference.

The images beneath illustrate the difference between Terrain Detail, Model Detail & Curve Detail or their respective lowest setting versus their respective highest setting. Worth paying attention to the facial detail of other soldiers & the curvature of the road, though the Terrain Detail setting in this particular scene has little effect as nothing affected by this is visible (Except perhaps a slight bit of the stoned ground up to the closest soldier).

Low Detail

High Detail

Be sure to take a look at the GeForce, Voodoo3, Voodoo4/5 or Kyro 1/2 Tweak guide for information on how to optimize the performance/visual quality of those cards. These can help you improve image quality/performance even further than in-game tweaks can.


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