Medal of Honor: Allied Assault tweak guide


Select Options then the Audio button.

Master Volume. Use this to set the effects/speech volume level in MOH: AA. Adjust the slider bar for volume as required, slide the bar Right to increase the volume & vice versa.

Music Volume. Use this to set the volume level for music in MOH: AA. Adjust the slider bar for volume as required, slide the bar Right to increase music volume & vice versa. NOTE Muting the Music will not affect performance beneficially. Id recommend leaving it audible given its rather good & sets the right mood usually.

Speaker Setup. From the menu here select the appropriate type of Speakers which your Soundcard is connected to, though it is worth noting that most Soundcards will ignore such in-game options & rather only use the one specified in their own Mixer.

Sound Quality. This option determines the sampling rate to be used for audio playback, with Low being 11 kHz, Medium being 22 kHz & High being 44kHz. High would be the best option to select if you have a relatively new Soundcard, e.g. SoundBlaster Live! or Santa Cruz & would provide best audio quality. With older generation Soundcards (Or more likely onboard Audio) you should find Medium to give acceptable playback quality without affecting performance too noticeably. Those with an ISA Soundcard would perhaps be about the only ones Id recommend setting this to Low.

As has been discussed on the 3D SoundSurge Forums adding 3D audio support into MOH: AA is an easy enough task. The simplest way to do this is as follows;

Download & install the Miles Sound System Demo from RAD Game Tools, noting the directory where it installed. Go to the redist/win32 directory of where you installed the Miles Sound System Demo, e.g. C:\Program Files\Miles6dm\redist\win32, & copy the *.m3d files located there (You can ignore the Mssfast.m3d file if you wish however). Paste these files into the snddrivers directory of where MOH: AA is installed, e.g. D:\MOHAA\snddrivers.

Now open your Config file & Add/Edit the seta s_milesdrivers x line. Where x is to be replaced by one of the following options:

  • Aureal A3D 2.0 (TM)

  • Aureal A3D Interactive (TM)

  • Creative Labs EAX 2 (TM)

  • Creative Labs EAX (TM)

  • DirectSound3D Hardware Support

  • Dolby Surround

  • Miles Fast 2D Positional Audio

The option you should select here should be determined by you based on the Soundcard you have installed. Selecting DirectSound3D Hardware Support or Aureal A3D Interactive (TM) will enable basic 3D positional audio support in Game. Those (still) with Aureal Vortex 2 based Soundcards should select Aureal A3D 2.0 (TM) for most realistic 3D audio positioning. Users of EAX supporting Soundcards, e.g. Santa Cruz or Audigy, should try selecting Creative Labs EAX 2 (TM) or Creative Labs EAX (TM), though reportedly MOH: AA doesnt use any of the EAX presets so you may find no playback difference over that of DirectSound3D Hardware Support. Dolby Surround should only be selected if your Soundcard is connected to such a receiver. Miles Fast 2D Positional Audio will provide basic stereo output & also best performance (This is used by default).

You can learn how to further improve your Audio experience in MOH: AA by taking a look at the Soundcard/Speaker Tweak guide. Thisll take you through positioning your Speakers & configuring Soundcard specific tips for other popular Soundcards such as the SoundBlaster Audigy, Philips PSC70x & Turtle Beach Santa Cruz.


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