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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Quake 3 Arena tweak guide

Quake 3 Arena tweak guide
Last Updated on December 21, 2000 by Thomas McGuire

The Driver Info section contains no changeable setting, it just contains purely informational, information regarding your current display adapter used for rendering Quake 3. Not really of much use at all.

Now select the Display tab.

Brightness. Use this slider to set the brightness level in the game. Slide it to the Right ro increase brightness & vice versa, be careful not to increase it too much or the game may look washed out. Id recommend checking the visual config section for more accurate ways for changing brightness levels in the game.

Screen Size. Use this to select the screen size of the game, this is different to running full screen or windowed. Using a smaller screen size may improve performance, although will making viewing the game more difficult. Id recommend leaving this set fully to the Right, to run with maximum viewing area.

Click on Setup, then Game options.

Crosshair. Use this section to select the crosshair you wish to use in the game, if any.

Simple Items. This sets whether or not items will be 3Dmodels or 2Dsprites. Turning it Off will improve performance slightly.

Marks on Walls. See the cg_marks "x" setting for more detailed information.

Ejecting Brass. this sets the amount of time that ammo casings stay visible, the default is 1250. A setting of 0 disables this & will improve performance a little. Id recommend doing this for online play, unless you like to see spent ammo on the ground for no useful reason.

Dynamic lights. See the r_dynamiclight "x" setting for more detailed information.

Identify Target. Set this to On as it will help when playing both online (Enemy models names will appear when aimed at a target, if aiming correctly you may be warned of a target before you see them, e.g. around a corner) & offline (A descriptive text will appear when aiming at certain targets).

High Quality Sky. Setting this to Off will disable the sky texture & portals wont be seen through. Id recommend leaving this set to On unless youre on a really slow system.

Sync every frame. Leave this set to Off unless you are experience input problems. See the r_finish "x" setting for more detailed information.

Force Player Models. Setting this to On forces all players to use the same model. This will improve performance, although therell be no way to distinguish between players. Id recommend leaving this at Off unless you are desperate for a performance boost.

Draw Team Overlay. use this to allow the display of the location of team members if team-based games, which is fairly useful in those type of games.

Automatic Downloading. Set this to Off to disables auto-downloading of maps/models/sounds, etc. Set this to On to enable it.

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