Command & Conquer: Renegade tweak guide

Now select the Performance tab.

Detail. This slider is used to automatically configure the settings using several pre-defined configurations. Donít both using this.

Expert Mode. Tick this option to enable the display of several more configuration options for you to adjust, as described in more detail beneath. Unticking this will disable adjusting them. Be sure to Tick this.

Auto Config. This button will configure the options here based on your particular PC. Again, similar to the Detail option Iíd recommend you ignore this & set the options yourself.

Geometry Detail. This option controls the LOD to be used for rendering Models in the Game world, with moving this slider to the Right allowing for more polygons to be used in Models, which will yield more detailed Models & polygon counts in Models not be reduced for greater distances. Moving this to the Left will use a reduced number of polygons in Models, with more being taken away over shorter distances from you. The screenshots beneath illustrate this effect, e.g. pay attention to the Weapon barrel on the right-hand Tank. You should lower this setting on Graphics cards which arenít overly capable of processing too many polygons, e.g. TNT 2 or if you have a slow CPU.

Character Shadows. This slider defines the LOD (Level Of Detail) used for shadows cast by Models, if any. Moving this slider to the Right will enable the use of more detailed shadows & vice versa. Setting this to Low will disable them altogether & would be recommended for those with older Graphics cards. Though newer Graphics cards should perform well with any of the more detailed options in use.

Texture Detail. This slider controls the resolution of textures used in the Game. Setting this to High will enable the use of sharper, more detailed textures, although performance can be lowered (Especially on low Video memory Graphics Cards). The Lower the setting the more blurred textures in levels will appear. If you intend to use High resolution textures be sure you have AGP Texturing enabled in the BIOS &/or a Graphics Card with 32MB or more of Video memory.

Particle Detail. This slider sets the LOD used for various particle effects that are rendered in the Game, e.g. Flamethrowers & snow. Those of you with older Graphics cards &/or CPU should use a lower setting for this option though those with newer Graphics cards should be able to use a higher value with little adverse effect to the frame rate at all, though in some of the larger battles it might be wise to lower setting a notch to keep the frame rate smooth.

Surface Effect Detail. This slider sets the LOD used for ground/wall surfaces in the Game. Moving the slider to the Right will enable the use of more detailed textures for improved visual quality & vice versa. You should set this to High if your Graphics card features 16MB Video memory or greater & supports AGP Texturing.

Lighting Mode. This option specifies the lighting method to be used in the game. Options available being Vertex, Multi-Pass Lightmaps & Multi-Texture Lightmaps. Vertex will provide static lighting in levels, which will as you can also be the least visually appealing, though should provide a great frame rate boost to those on old Graphics cards. This may be of use to those with dated on-board Video solutions (Or other similarly dated Graphics cards), though no-one else should really need to consider this option. Multi-Pass Lightmaps would be recommended to those whose Graphics cards canít perform Multi-texturing & Trilinear filtering simultaneously, e.g. 3dfx Graphics cards. While all others should be able to use Multi-Texture Lightmaps for best lighting quality.

Texture Filter. Trilinear texture filtering operates by taking 4 samples (texels) from 2 neighbouring Mipmaps, applies a bilinear filter to them & then interpolates the results. This results in improved image quality, with more seamless transitions between Mipmap levels & enhanced texture detail compared to Bilinear filtering. Most modern Graphics cards should be able to use Trilinear with little performance problems, except for those (still, unfortunately) with 3dfx Graphics cards which should set this to Bilinear for best performance (As they cannot simultaneously perform Multi-texturing & Trilinear filtering).

Terrain Casts Shadows. Ticking this option will enable certain terrain features to cast a shadow onto the ground, which will improve visually realism slightly, though consumes more fill rate. You should leave this Unticked if you are using an old Graphics card which is fill rate limited, e.g. TNT 2.

The screenshots beneath illustrate the effects of Geometry Detail, Character Shadows, Texture Detail & Surface Effect Detail set at Low or High respectively. The Terrain Casts Shadows option is also visible here, though the option was reversed, i.e. Itís enabled n the Low detail shot & disabled in the High detail one.

Low detail

High detail

Be sure to take a look at the TNT/GeForce, Voodoo3, Voodoo4/5 or Kyro 1/2 Tweak guide for information on how to optimize the performance/visual quality with those Graphics cards in the Game. These can help you improve image quality/performance mire than Renegade Config options can.


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