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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Rune tweak guide

Rune tweak guide
Last Updated on January 02, 2000 by Thomas McGuire

Rendering - Glide

Your renderer is chosen the first time you load Rune. Follow the settings for whichever is applicable from the below renderers. If you've selected Glide, then open up the 3dfx Glide support tab. Users of Glide should have no problem whatsoever running the game with all the details on.

Coronas. Set this to True. This is the haze of light that appears around light sources in the game, such as lamps in the game. It has little effect of performance.

DetailBias. Try setting this to 0. This is semi-equivalent to LOD bias setting available in the Voodoo 4/5 drivers, increasing this value may fix a few visuals anomalies. Id recommend setting it to 0.

DetailTextures. A detail texture is a very small, fine pattern which is faded in as you approach a surface, for example wood grain, or imperfections in stone. Set this to True for improved visual quality. 3dfx cards should be able to set this to True without any problems, although this is a setting you may want to try toggling to test the effects it has on your frame rate.

Set it to False for increased performance. You can use the LodPercentage setting to adjust the range at which detail textures are applied.

DisableVSync. Set this to False to enable v-sync, to ensure that you get no display anomalies in games (tearing). Only set it to True if youre benchmarking the games performance.

HighDetailActors. Set this to True for better visuals. Setting it to False will improve performance.

RefreshRate. You should set this to the highest refresh rate your monitor allows at a given resolution. 85Hz is what most will users should set. This will effectively cap off your frame rate when vsync is enabled to whatever the refresh rate is. Setting it higher may damage your monitor.

ScreenSmoothing. Set this to True to enable screen smoothing for improved visual quality, set it to False if you want to improve performance a bit, although at the cost of some visual quality.

ShinySurfaces. Set this to True for better visuals. Shiny surfaces are the reflective surfaces in the game, e.g. in the training mission on some floors you can see your reflection. Setting it to False will improve your frame rate in such areas.

VolumetricLighting. Set this to True for better visuals. Setting this to False will have a big improvement on frame rate. On most graphics cards that have trouble running Rune setting this to False along with DetailTextures to False will mean the difference between a playable & an unplayable game.

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