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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Unreal Tournament Tweak Guide

Unreal Tournament Tweak Guide
Last Updated on November 16, 2000 by Thomas McGuire - Page 11/14


With the release of the 436 patch, clients attempting to connect to a server running this version must have at least the 432 patch installed.

NOTE - Unlike pre-quake 3 engine games, the Unreal engine does not need a frame rate cap to improve online gameplay.

Open the Preferences menu & in the Network tab select your connection type as appropriate, e.g. Modem, LAN, etc.

Now go into Advanced options menu.

When playing online you can use the stat net command in the console to enable the Unreal Tournament equivalent to Quake’s netgraph. This will aid you in diagnosing & improving your online gameplay. Be wary of the ping & packet loss indicators in particular.

The default value for netspeed may not be correct for you. Depending on your connection, you can change this during gameplay to suit your needs. If your ping is high, indicated by a large (numeric) value for ping in stat net, you'll want to lower netspeed & when ping is low, you should try increasing netspeed, this will allow you to receive more data.

I suggest binding a key for each of these. To bind a key go into the Advanced options menu, open Advanced, then Raw key bindings, find the desired key you wish to bind, e.g. Backslash, & enter in these commands (you'll want to bind 2 keys with different values for xxxx).

netspeed xxxx

stat net

You can substitute in your own netspeed values (for xxxx), I use 2800 & 3500. Set one low in case your ping starts to rise, this is a sign you may have set it to high for the current server, try increasing it for better results whenever possible. Now you can simply change netspeed at the press of a button.

If Packet loss is occurring, try lower netspeed first. Packet loss may also be an indication of being connected to a bad server).

You can find out how to optimize your modem in the Modem tweaking guides for Windows9x, Windows Millennium Edition & Windows 2000 & LAN tweaking guide.


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