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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Star Trek Voyager tweak guide


Star Trek Voyager tweak guide
Posted by Thomas McGuire on October 23, 2000 - Page 4/11

Now go into the Game options menu.

Light flares. Set this to On to enable light flares in the game, this allows effects such as light flares & halos to occur. Setting it to Off will improve performance.

Sync every frame. Leave this set to Off unless you are experience input problems. See the r_finish "x" setting for more detailed information.

Identify target. Set this to On as it will help when playing both online (Enemy models names will appear when aimed at a target, if aiming correctly you may be warned of a target before you see them, e.g. around a corner) & offline (A descriptive text will appear when aiming at certain targets).

Dynamic lights. See the r_dynamiclight "x" setting for more detailed information.

Wall marks. See the cg_marks "x" setting for more detailed information.

Text. Use this to set your language preferences, be it English or other

Voice. Use this to set your language preferences, be it English or other.

Crosshair. Use this section to select the crosshair you wish to use in the game, if any.

Subtitles. Set this to On to enable subtitles in the game & cinematic scenes or Off to disable subtitles in cinematic scenes & in-game as you see fit. Set it to Cinematic only if you enable subtitles in cinematic scenes only.

General config tweaks

Once youve all your basic settings chosen open your Config file using Notepad & Add/edit the following lines. Search for the following lines & edit the x value as appropriate.

com_hunkMegs "x". You can use this to set the amount of memory available to Elite Force. A general guideline to setting this value would be 2/3 of RAM. Keep in mind Windows needs about 16MB RAM minimum to run. You should also have closed all other programs before running Elite Force.

m_filter x. Set x to 1 to enable mouse filtering. This will average out mouse movements resulting in much smoother scrolling. A setting of 0 disables the filter. Id high recommend enabling this.

in_joystick "x". You wont be using a joystick to play Elite Force so set x to 0. If you are, set it to 1. Mouse & keyboard is by far the better way to play though.

in_mouse "1". Set x to 1 to enable mouse support. If for some reason you arent using a mouse then set this to 0.

g_subtitles "0". Setting x to 1 will enable subtitles in the game, 0 disables them. A setting of 2 enables the display of subtitles during cinematic scenes.

r_finish x. Setting x to 1 may eliminate lag from input devices (such as keyboard/mouse) at the cost of a few FPS. The default is 0 so only change it to 1 if you experience any controller lag. This ensures proper timing.

r_ignorehwgamma "x". Set x to 1 to enable the game itself to set the gamma level to be used. Set it to 0 to disable any in-game gamma settings & use one set by the video card driver instead. Setting it to 0 may make any brightness slider in the game menu ineffective.

cg_autoswitch "x". Set this to 0 to disable auto switching of collected weapons. This setting wont affect performance, but Im sure no-one wants to switch from the Photon launcher to an I-MOD just because they walked over it.

cg_drawAmmoWarning "1". A value of 1 enables the low-ammo warning display. 0 disables it.

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