Windows 2000 - Improving Compatibility/Performance guide

Lowering Audio Acceleration Level

In some Applications/Games you can significantly improve audio quality (Reducing audio artifacts, or stuttering) by lowering the Hardware Acceleration level for your soundcard. This can be a result of poor Windows 2000 WDM drivers or just an Application/Game issue. You should only really try this if you experience such irregular audio playback in Applications/games which updating your drivers/installing any relevant patches didn’t fix.

Click on Start, Settings, then Control Panel. Open the Sounds & Multimedia applet. Select the Audio tab & then hit the Advanced button for Sound Playback. Now select the Performance tab.

Move the Hardware acceleration slider 1 or 2 notches to the Left (Standard/Basic Acceleration). You might also want to try moving the Sample rate conversion quality slider to the middle notch (Improved sample rate converter). NOTE – In some games this can also improve performance, Giants: Citizen Kabuto is one game in particular which has been known to improve frame rates a lot when this is done.

Remember this should only really be seen as a temporary solution to your audio problems. The real issue is with either your drivers or with the Application/game in question.

Application/Game performance

There are quite a few things you can do to improve Application/Gaming Performance with Windows 2000. For starters you should have the latest patches for your games installed. These can fix many game bugs, other incompatibilities with Windows 2000 or just improve performance. Of particular importance would be to have DirectX 8.0A installed, which can improve performance in many games. Check 3DFiles for the latest game patches available.

Power User

The first thing you should do in Windows 2000 is Add a User intended for gaming. Many of you are probably just logging in as Administrator by default as there are no restrictions on what you can do. That said, the Administrator is running extra features that aren’t needed, but will lower system resources as a result, thus reducing performance. Being a Power User is perhaps the best trade-off for this reason.

Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel then select Users and Passwords. Tick the Users must enter………. to use this computer box if the Users section is greyed out.

Select Add & enter in your desired name & password as required. Now to select what type of user you wish to add.

Select Other & using the drop down menu select Power User. Power User has many advantages over the other types of users as it uses fewer services than others, e.g. Administrator & has fewer restrictions than others, e.g. Standard Users. Select Finish to complete the addition of the new user. Now whenever you wish to play games you should logon as this Power User for optimal game performance.


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