Windows XP Services Tweak Guide

Startup type

3 options are available for the Startup type of any particular Service, selectable using the drop-down menu, each having itís own particular advantages or disadvantages.

  • Automatic. When this is selected the Service in question will automatically be started when loading Windows XP. This can increase booting time slightly, although some Services must be set to this to ensure correct running of XP, e.g. Remote Procedure Call (RPC). Some Services will also get started due to dependencies (Or because they are required) & itís best to set these to Automatic as well Ė this can improve overall performance as well slightly given that once loaded during startup they will not be required to do so again.

  • Manual. This option allows the Service in question to load upon request. This works well for most Services Ė saving resources & reducing boot time as they arenít loaded until required, although not all Services function well like this, e.g. Print Spooler or Protected Storage. System performance may be slightly reduced while a Service is being initiated also.

  • Disabled. With this option selected the Service in question cannot be loaded, even if requested. This option is most useful for Security purposes only & for most Services where you would have the option of selecting Manual or Disabled it would be best to go with Manual.


A Dependency is a relationship of reliance between 2 or more resources that makes it necessary for them to run in the same group on the same node. In the case of Services this translate into some Services cannot function correctly (If at all) without another (One of the reasons why itís never a good idea to just set a Service to Disabled, but Manual instead). To determine any dependencies select a Service & Double click on it, then choose the Dependencies tab, e.g. Shown below is the Telephony service dependencies.

Be sure to bear these in mind, particularly if you are considering disabling a Service altogether, although not all Services will have dependencies, e.g. Themes


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