Benchmarks: Async Compute Testing

Finally, we have a series of tests conducted at various resolutions with async compute enabled and disabled on the R9 Fury X and GTX 980 Ti.

At 1080p the GTX 980 Ti suffered massively with async compute enabled while it makes little difference on the Fury X. Granted, the Fury X is slightly faster with async compute enabled. Interestingly, disabling this feature on the GTX 980 Ti allows it to close the gap on the Fury X and a heap of ground is made up in the heavy and medium tests.

Again the GTX 980 Ti is quite a bit slower with async compute enabled, though disabling it still doesn't let the 980 Ti match the Fury X, which is around 8-10% faster with async compute enabled.

Finally, at 4K the GeForce GTX 980 Ti delivers the same performance regardless of whether or not async compute is enabled while the R9 Fury X is up to 16% faster with async compute enabled and the Fury X is 47% faster than the best result turned in by the GTX 980 Ti.