Benchmarks: 1600p Crazy Quality Results

Now we have the 2560x1600 crazy quality results and here the 970 and 390 produced similar performance despite the 970 being slightly slower. The 390 delivered 11% more performance and when looking at the mixed GPU results we received 16% more performance with the 390 as the primary card.

The 390X was still able to beat the 980, this time by a still convincing 16% margin.

The Fury X was 26% faster than the GTX 980 Ti at 1600p, which is obviously a massive performance advantage in favour of the Radeon graphics card. Interestingly the mixed GPU results only saw a 7% advantage when using the Fury X as the primary display driver. The Fury X/980 Ti combo was 51% faster than a single Fury X graphics card.