Benchmarks: Warhammer II, For Honor, War Thunder, Sniper Elite 4, Shadow of War

Next up we have Warhammer II and here the 2080 basically mirrors the 1080 Ti's performance, something we're used to seeing at this point. Also as usual the 2080 Ti is seen well out in front, though having said that it wasn't quite 30% faster, so let's move on to see if it fairs any better at the 4K resolution.

Mmm nope, not really. Here it's exactly 30% faster than the 1080 Ti which is obviously a huge increase, but it's not exactly aligned with the current 70% increase in price. Still if you want to play Warhammer II at 4K in all of it's glory then there's no better choice, personally I'd just lower the quality preset a notch and save myself enough money to take a short holiday.

Maxed out For Honor isn't the most taxing title and we see that both the 1080 Ti and 2080 are able to maintain over 100 fps at all times when testing at 1440p using the extreme preset. Still the 30% performance uplift for the 2080 over the 1080 will be welcomed by those by high refresh rate monitors, but I guess you already had the 1080 Ti offering that kind of performance, so the 2080 really adds no real value here.

Of course at 4K we see much the same, the 2080 isn't able to beat the 1080 Ti while the 2080 Ti was just 28% faster. So a somewhat disappointing gain but having said that 83 fps on average at 4K using the extreme preset is a thing of beauty.

Now if your wondering why I'm testing with War Thunder, it's because this was one of the most heavily requested games we include in this big benchmark. I've personally never played it but seems a lot of you do, so here are the 1440p results. It seems were limited to just shy of 160 fps at this resolution using the highest quality preset, so not much to discuss here, let's check out the 4K results.

Okay so now we're seeing a good amount of separation, the 2080 of course matched the 1080 Ti, making it 35% faster than the 1080. The 2080 Ti was just 26% faster than the 1080 Ti but with frame rates never dipping below 100 fps the experience was pretty amazing, albeit only a fraction better than what was possible with the 1080 Ti.

Moving along the next game we have to check out is Sniper Elite 4 using DX12 with Async Compute enabled. The GTX 1080 Ti was already quite nimble at 1440p in this title and we see the 2080 roughly matching its performance while the 2080 Ti was only 24% faster.

As usual we see the margin slightly extended at 4K and now the 2080 Ti is 30% faster than the 1080 Ti. Meanwhile the 2080 was 35% faster than the 1080, so decent gains but not the 40-50% Nvidia were promising.

The 2080 Ti pushed up over 100 fps on average in Middle-earth Shadow of War at 1440p and that's a steller result, despite only beating the 1080 Ti by a 31% margin. It does seem so strange constantly referring to 30% gains as 'only' or 'just' but you have to do that when you're talking about such a massive increase in price.

Moving up to 4K does help the 2080 Ti further distance itself from the 1080 Ti, here it's 40% faster and again while an awesome performance boost, it's almost a break even scenario in terms of MSRP.