Benchmarks: Quake Champions, Prey, Battlefront II, Warframe, WoTanks, Wreckfest

Quake Champions isn't exactly a demanding title but those serious about playing it are a bit like those CSGO nut jobs, they require hundred of frames per second. I'm of course joking about the nutty part, input lag is a thing and Tim explained it really well in an article not so long ago. Anyway if just shy of 200 fps on average isn't cutting it for you at 1440p, then perhaps the 2080 Ti pushing over 220 fps will suffice, the 185 fps 1% low result certainly is impressive.

Of course if you plan on playing at 4K then the 2080 Ti does prove more useful as it was the only GPU capable of keeping frame rates above 100 fps at all times. That said it was also less than 30% faster than the GTX 1080 Ti, so still a pretty touch sell then. Then of course the 2080 only matched the 1070 Ti.

Prey has always been a well optimized title so pushing over 100 fps with the game maxed out at 1440p was never an issue for the GTX 1080 Ti. The 2080 Ti did push the average frame rate 27% higher but I suspect we're starting to become CPU limited as the frame time performance wasn't greatly improved.

Increasing the resolution to 4K really helps the 2080 Ti pull ahead and now it's almost 40% faster than the 1080 Ti and the experience is noticeably better for those with high refresh rate monitors. The 2080 is again kind of in no man's land, it's unable to better the 1080 Ti, so it's difficult to understand the point of this product.

Next on our benchmark list we have Star Wars Battlefront II and here the 2080 just managed to outpace the 1080 Ti when looking at the average frame rate. Despite that the 2080 Ti was still just 27% faster than the 1080 Ti.

The margin does greatly improve at 4K and you can see why Nvidia hand picked this title to showcase the GeForce RTX series performance in their review guide, at the 4K resolution. Even the 2080 is clearly faster than the 1080 Ti in this title, albeit by a 7% margin. However it's the 41% performance lead enjoyed by the 2080 Ti over the 1080 Ti that caught our attention, playing Battlefront II at 4K using the ultra quality settings and never seeing frame rates drop below 60 fps is something to behold, man did it look good.

This is another reader requested benchmark, for a while now I've been getting constant requests to benchmark Warframe and I have once or twice in the past but where I was testing wasn't very challenging. Apparently you have to play for quite a few hours, many hours actually to reach the Ceetus, this is meant to be demanding section of the game and where I was told to test.

As you can see at 1440p the 2080 is 30% faster than the 1080 and the 2080 Ti, just 15% faster than the 1080 Ti, so let's check out the 4K numbers.

We see a bit more separation at the 4K resolution but even so the 2080 Ti is just 23% faster than the 1080 Ti while the 2080 was 31% faster than the 1080. Not particularly great results for these new GeForce RTX graphics cards and I wonder if we'll see further driver development improve performance in this title, though I doubt it will be a focus for Nvidia.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands provides us with some rare results, the 2080 managed to beat the 1080 Ti by double digit numbers here, just, it was 10% faster on average. Meanwhile the 2080 Ti was just 16% faster than the 2080, so not a great result for the Turing flagship GPU.

Interestingly the move to 4K squashed the 2080's lead over the 1080 Ti, and now they're basically delivering the same performance. The 2080 Ti was able to extend it's lead, though only out to 24% which was quite disappointing, despite the fact that gameplay was noticeably better.

As we near the end of this mega benchmark session we have World of Tanks, another lightweight title that's always heavily requested. I'm not sure if you need over 180 fps on average to maximise your skillz in World of Tanks, but if you do please let me know. In any case the 1080 Ti edged the 2080 out while the 2080 Ti was just 22% faster on average.

That margin was extended to 25% at 4K and this did allow the 2080 Ti to average well over 100 fps which is quite impressive. Meanwhile the 1080 Ti again edged out the 2080.

Here we find another rare example where the 2080 pulls head of the 1080 Ti, in fact it kind of trashes it in Rainbow Six Siege, providing 15% more performance at 1440p. This meant that the 2080 Ti was also 39% faster than the 1080 Ti, so an impressive result at 1440p.

That margin is blown out to an incredible 51% margin at 4K as the 2080 Ti rendered 145 fps on average, a truly amazing result. The 2080 also decimated the 1080 by a 52% margin, if we saw more of this then you'd have a much easier time justify the prices of these new RTX cards.

And we're going to wrap the testing up with Wreckfest. For a few months Pascal kind of sucked in this title, before Nvidia eventually corrected that with updated drivers. It looks like we might see a similar situation with Turing as it's not just the 1440p results that are massively underwhelmingly, though admittedly we do seem to be running into a system bottleneck.

At 4K we see basically the same performance out of the 2080 Ti when compared to the 1440p results just seen. That being the case it's not 26% faster than the 2080, but only 13% faster than the 1080 Ti, so some optimization work to be done here then. The 2080 also only matched the 1080 so that's also a disappointing result.