CPU Scaling – Core i7 9xx

Using the Core i7 to measure CPU scaling performance, we tested at five frequencies ranging from 2.30GHz through to 3.71GHz to give you an idea of how overclocking will impact frames per second in this game.

Keep in mind that we used the highest visual quality settings with 4xAA enabled, so lowering this would no doubt exaggerate the results even further.

Surprisingly, even with a powerful Core i7 processor we saw a significant reduction in performance at 1680x1050 when dropping the processor's operating frequency below 3.0GHz. At 2.30GHz we were seeing just 36fps opposed to the 48fps at 3.71GHz.

At 1920x1200 the performance trends remain the same, though the margins have been reduced ever so slightly. The major performance drop off is seen again when reducing the processor operating frequency below 3.0GHz.

Now at 2560x1600 the Core i7 processor is no longer the limiting factor, but rather the Radeon HD 5870 is limiting performance to 33fps on average.