0xF4 a few minutes after login on XP SP2

By markeh21
Nov 6, 2010
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  1. Hi, I'm new here, I've tried another PC forum with the same issue, but I just wanted a second opinion. Most of them reckoned it was overheating or dead RAM, I wasn't too sure of that, hence why I'm here.

    I'm working on a friend's laptop, a Tiny N29, with a 1.3GHz Celeron M, 80GB HDD, 1GB RAM, and XP Home SP2 (she never updates. Replacing the machine is simply not an option.).

    I can log in to her account fine, but then once all her programs have loaded up, about 15 seconds after Skype and MSN load up, I get an 0x000000F4 blue screen (00000003, 864551c8, 8645533c, 805c77d0) were the parameters on the last one, the middle 2 usually differ but always start with 8645 (well, in the 6 minidumps I analysed, they do). EVERY minidump I analysed said that the probable cause was csrss.exe, which leads me to believe a virus.

    These were things I'd narrowed it down to:
    Dead HDD
    Dead RAM
    Corrupted Install

    The machine works perfectly fine in Safe Mode, and was in it for over 5 hours yesterday while I backed up 17GB of data via Ethernet, which to me, seems to rule out overheating, dead RAM and a dead HDD.
    The BSOD does still happen after I've taken everything off startup. With the machine is a T-Rex Restore CD, and a driver CD, both of which originally came with the notebook, and I plan to use these over this weekend. I will probably be running Memtest (using UBCD v5.0.3 or HBCD 11.1) for 5 passes, to double check the RAM.

    I can post the minidumps if you'd like to analyse them yourself, but I have analysed them already, every minidump suggests csrss.exe as the cause.

    Thanks in advance, really would like to get this laptop back to its owner ASAP.

    EDIT: Would like to point out this machine had no anti-virus whatsoever when I received it. That's one of the main reasons I suspect a virus.
  2. markeh21

    markeh21 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    A reinstall has fixed the issue, thread can be closed if need be.

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