100% CPU usage problem

Ive been having one BIG issue with my computer.

Ive researched alot and tried alot of things but nothing has worked. I think that its the SVCHOST issue but I cant find a great site / video on how to delete it.

Heres whats been happening:

also. I keep my computer on all the time, Its stays nice and cool so I dont need to turn it off. I will a couple times a month or if im going somewhere it stays off till I get back. But this has nothing to do with the problem I think.

Ok So I turn on my Computer after I restart it because of the 100% CPU (Insanely Slow PC)

I get on my usual sites, Facebook, NOAA Weather,Youtube, Mail, Etc. But it seems it doesnt matter what I do, Watch netflix, play minecraft, or dont even have a browser or game open at all. my CPU ALWAYS Spikes to 100, and when it does it stays their, And doesnt go away until I shut off my computer and re-start it.

When I try to install something or upload a video to youtube the hour turns into 5 minutes of the CPU jumping to 100. its like it knows what im trying to do and completely stops it by running CPU to 100 so I cant do anything.

I dont want to pay for anything to get rid of it. I would rather do it manually. My CPU percentage Jumps in very high %'s... From 10 to 50, 50 to 80 then 80 to 15 then 15 to 90 it just jumps everywhere at a very high speed.

Here is something even more messed up.

My Cpu will be showing those High percentages, but when I go to Task manager and look at the processes running theirs only 2-3 that are running between 1-2 CPU Usage.

And when I play a game, For example start up Flight Simulator it takes 80% Cpu. But it jumps from 80 to 50 back and fourth.

FSX is the ONLY game when after an hour runs just fine. Any other game I play freezes Extensively. The internet then stops (doesnt load) Applications start to not respond the only thing I can really get to is the Files of my computer and Task manager, Regedit, and Run.

Im running on Windows 7 X64 Home Premium

I have a Intel Pentium dual core E5800 @ 3.20 GHz.

Ive never had any problems with the CPU before. And so far after trying to research and fix this problem for a couple days Im about to throw this out my window im so pissed. I cant do nothing with lag.

Help :(
I just tried, Said error code 40 :eek:



When in the taskmgr, click the button Show Processes from All Users-- enter the admin password.

now click the column heading CPU twice and the arrow should be pointed DOWN.

With this method, you will also see ALL system services - - which one is eating CPU?
Nothing eats it. Only after the hour it starts to say that the games Im playin are eating it by 80% which shouldnt even be near to 10. Its like a virus putting more CPU % after the hour so I cant do nothing. Its really something.
Anyone? help! :( It still doing it.

Its really making me not being able to do much on the computer. The Games I play eat my cput like crazy! Each game I play even minecraft eats 60-80% CPU. And its killing my computer :(


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1. You say this happens all the time. Yet you only mention examples of when you're playing games. To confirm - does this happen when browsing only?

2. Play some Minecraft. Keep it windowed, and keep task manager beside it. Note down the CPU %'s when idle, just open, playing, and when your PC 'locks up'. Then, close the minecraft process via task manager and see if the graphs fall back down.

3. Is it using both cores evenly?
I'm having the same-ish problem. Currently have a Intel Core i5 760 @ 2.8 GHz, GeForce GTX 470 and 8 Gigs of ram.

My computer was running fine one day and then all of a sudden everything messed up. It cannot play games with FPS higher than say 20? It doesn't multitask well, very slow loading applications, etc.-- and trying to watch Twitch or anything jumps the CPU usage to 100% I tried the hotfix posted in the forum but it says something along the lines of the update does not apply to my system.

I noticed that Chrome32 eats quite a bit of CPU usage, a simple program loading takes it up to 50%+, but it seems that the usage is pretty spread out between applications. SVCHost will get up there sometimes but there never seems to be one main culprit. Even in World of Warcraft - that was only at 50% or so. I was also only at MAX 29 FPS in a very non-busy area in the game. Could it be my video card causing the issue? Ram seems to be okay. Any help would be amazing!


EMPTY driver\etc\hosts file and then add back one/only this line
save and mark it R/O

(give the password)

copy / paste each of these one at a time:
ipconfig /flushdns
net stop "dns client"
net start "dns client"

yes, the quotes are necessary

tasklist /SVC /FI "CPUTIME gt 00:00:02"
shows services with more than 2 seconds of active CPU time
Not sure if anyone would read this now, but I have a solution to my problem, not very sure if it will help anyone else.

1. Search "Power Options" and open it. Look at your Power plan. If it's on "High Performance", that's probably the reason why. If you want to keep it on that plan but change the CPU usage, keep going.
2. Click "Change power options" on the one you are on.
3. Click "Change advanced power settings" near the bottom.
Look for "Processor power management"
Expand it
Expand "Minimun Processor state"
Change the percentage to say, 1% so it stays on all the time.
"Maximun processor state" you want to keep it on 100% so as soon as it hits 99%, it drops the use of CPU usage.

Hope it helps! ;)