does not work to access the router

By Fantasizer
Mar 21, 2010
  1. How make work to access the router?
    Here I have a crashed ADSL modem. does not work to access the router.
    "Reset" button doesn't help to fix it.
    After a while that I turn it on or after reset, the "LAN" light freezes.
  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,472   +126

    Below is basically you're holding down the reset button for 90 seconds...

    Press and hold the reset button (usually on the rear) for 30 seconds while power is is running through the device.
    After 30 seconds while press down on the reset button unplug the unit and wait another 30 seconds but keep your reset button on reset.
    After 30 seconds keep on pressing down on the reset button but now introduce the power so plug it in and power it up.
    Now release the reset button, and unplug the power once more for 30 seconds.
    Now turn the unit back on and try the I take it this is the default IP address for you device correct?
  3. Jenifer32

    Jenifer32 TS Rookie

    It is not so amazing! It is mostly used to make secure connectiond with (https:)
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