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So I am using an email client on Yahoo and this also goes for other websites too. It has ads on it, so I use Ghostery which works very well in blocking those ads. But then the websites have software that tells them you are using an ad blocker. So they block out things on their websites so that you can't use their websites. I don't care about ads, like in the old days when yes Yahoo sold ads in the form of billboards, and you got ads to look over. Maybe one was interesting and maybe some were not. But I don't like that I am tracked around the web and then the next webpage that I open has the results of the last one I closed. What and where did it happen that ad trackers started to keep track of where you were on the internet and sell those ads or tracks back to you. It is a pain. I know where or what website I was on. Why do I need someone to track it and then send it back to me. Why do we need to track anyone, websites say it is because it pays their revenue, so do billboard ads. How about selling space to advertisers I don't know anything about. That is how Yahoo did it back in the day. Instead of asking each person to pay a monthly fee they went to say Pepsi and got $1.5m for letting Pepsi advertise on Yahoo. What was wrong with that. Facebook too with the people it reaches could do the same, okay I don't mind if Facebook kept a tracker of how many times someone went to a website and then told that vendor hey 43,000 people looked at your site, we could reach more, how about posting ads on Facebook. Websites could make revenue just by reaching people out there. Trust me there is no manufacturer in this world that doesn't know who the big boy is that reaches more people than the other websites. They knew when Yahoo was the biggest, they knew when Myspace was the largest and the know that Facebook is massive. So why don't they sell ads that way? wish politicians would go back to making sites sell information this way.


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IMO, asking Why is futile because regardless of the answer, there's nothing you can do to change it.

As to tracking, your browser should assist you with the Do Not Track setting. Then clear the cache and history.