2 routers 2 adsl lines. 1 working and connecting 2 routers

By Jacquesvdl
Nov 6, 2016
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  1. Hi

    Bit of a weird question.

    I had 2 adsl lines and 2 routers with different internet accounts. The 1 line went down so only 1 router was working.
    I turned 1 of the ethernet ports into a wan port on the 2nd router under the layer 2 option and created a connection with login details for the internet account and told it to use the ethernet port as the connection rather than the adsl port on the 2nd router.
    I then ran a lan cable from the 1st router which is connected to the adsl line that is working that also has its own account to the 2nd router to the wan port (Ethernet port that was indicated as the Wan Port).

    Firstly what would this connection be called - the closest I could find would be Lan to Wan.

    What I would like to know as well is if both routers are connecting to there own accounts that are setup on them.

    But with how it is setup the 1st router connects to its account via the adsl cable and the 2nd one connects to its account via the internet that it gets from the first router via the lan cable.

    So basically I have 2 routers connecting to 2 differnet internet accounts on 1 line.

    There are a few computers connected to each of the routers and they are all working with internet.

    Is this correct that they are connecting to there own accounts this way or is the second one just leeching of the first connection.

    I know in general this will slow down the internet but just want to know if this is working on there own accounts.

    It is only a temporary patch till the 2nd line is fixed and then reconnected.

    Thanks for any help
  2. jobeard

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    so your connections are :
    and that bothers me a tad. The DSL modem output goes to the Router WAN slot, so the link from router#2 back to router#1 can NOT also be connected to the DSL line for the second ISP connection at the same time.
    ok, but not standard
    Can't be. The config for router#2 is being bypassed by not being directly attached to the ADSL#2 modem. Router#1 is the gateway for all systems, regardless of which router they are attached
    see prior comment
    YES, it's 'leaching', but it's a good workaround.
  3. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,177   +990

    Bump; what's your status?

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