Displays 27-inch 2560x1440 monitor (limited options)


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So, here is the deal. I am in search of a 27-inch monitor with a 2560x1440 resolution so I can use it with my early 2013 15-inch retina MacBook Pro and also with other laptops (such as my girlfriend’s Asus VivoBook and any other laptop that I decide to buy). I have alrady discarded a 3840x2160 model as I learned that my retina MacBook Pro will not support such a high resolution on an external screen. I do not use it for heavy photo or video editing or anything. It is basically web browsing and productivity (office applications).

First, an explanation. The fact is that I live in Brazil and offers of 1440p monitors here are very limited. I cannot just order a monitor from the US or from other country (such as Korea) because the huge taxes charged by the government will make it just not worth it. I have made the calculations. Even a very cheap US$ 300 monitor will end up costing about US$ 900 when it arrives in my home due to the magic of Brazilian taxes. And a US$ 500 monitor may end up costing almost US$ 1,500. And that is only after the Brazilian customs office decides to release the product, which may take a few months. Perhaps you have heard of some guy who sends products to Brazil at no additional cost, and that really exists. It is calling smuggling and people may get caught doing that, and I am not ordering a monitor through a smuggler to save a few bucks. No workarounds here. So, the option of not buying in Brazil is pretty much non-existant, so that is why I am stuck with the limited choices and therefore I am asking for your help here.

So, the choices are pretty much limited. The Apple Thunderbolt Display costs about US$ 2,200 here, and I will not buy it (apart from the price, also because it will not work with laptops which do not support Thunderbolt). The following monitors are available here (for a reasonable, or at least payable, price), and not all of them are readily available:

• Philips 272P4QPJKEB, US$ 1,150

• Dell UltraSharp U2713HM, US$ 925 (3+ weeks to be delivered)

• Samsung SyncMaster S27A850, US$ 950

• LG 27EA83R, US$ 900 (sold out for now)

Basically, these are the only options I have. The Dell is the cheapest one to buy in the credit card, but it will take something like a month to arrive, or maybe even more. The LG model one is sold out for now, but it comes and goes all the time, so I might end up finding one. The Samsung and the Philips models are ready for shipment and will be delivered in about a week or so.

As I understand, the LG and the Dell models use the same IPS panel as the Apple Thunderbolt Display. The panel is made by LG and is has a 350 nit brightness.

The Samsung and the Philips, on the other hand, both share the same PLS panel made by Samsung, and they sport a 300 nit brightness. PLS is supposed to be Samsung’s answer to IPS.

I would like to know which of these monitors is better and would be more recommended. First, which panel is the best? Second, which monitor is the best and most polished?