30" Monitor?

By fairytale00
Apr 9, 2008
  1. I have noticed that Dell has announced a 30" monitor, and some people just thinking about use it for gaming:
    Well personally I do think $1199 is too expensive for me, with that budget I can get a tv.

    And I don't think the specifications of that monitor are very good.
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    Why don't you put the specs here? I clicked the link, got sent to another forum (typically its poor form to link another forum on a forum), and no posts on the other forum had the specs. Then one guy in the process of correcting another guy got some simple math wrong himself.

    One dude pretty much got it right though, but I'm going to put it in my own words since about everything on that forum was a mess.
    1. A monitor probably has higher refresh rate than a tv, but without specs I can't say for sure and I don't care enough to go looking them up myself, not without at least a model number to hasten the searching.
    2. Good f'in luck finding a TV that has a resolution even close to that of the monitor at that size. Again since specs are lacking that leaves some confusion, but I know enough about tvs and monitors that a tiny widescreen monitor is going ot have as good or better resolution than most (all?) 30" tvs.
    3. Decide what you want. The only reasons for using a 30" monitor for a TV is if you live in a tiny apt in a city that has extremely high rent. Which would imply that you make enough money to buy a tv, but don't have the space for a 46" or higher tv. Generally monitors are not tv replacements and tvs are not monitor replacements. Use either for something other than they are intended (except for the exception I mentioned) and you will be unhappy.

    4. Know your resolutions. Know what 1080p is on a monitor and know what 720p is on a monitor. The 1080 and the 720 are the y axis, they are the amount of horizontal lines there are, so its the y part of the x by y part when thinking of numbers like 1650x1080.
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