3dmark05 score way too low

By applesauce12321 ยท 5 replies
Apr 24, 2006
  1. my 3dmark05 score was in the 1600s with my geforce xfx 6600 256 slight oc'd. im running it with p4 2.4 ghz and 1gig ram and agp. this is way to low compared to other tests. it also says my core clock speed is 9.7, which is actually around 325
  2. CrossFire851

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    Does it perform well in games?
  3. CMH

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    There's something wrong with the core clock speed thats for sure. You got the right drivers on? Also, you said you overclocked it, can't you bring the clock speed all the way up to where it should be again?

    Should've burnt it, if it was, you won't be booting up :D. Just in case you're worried sick there.
  4. Didou

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    According to the VGA chart @ tomshardware, you're not that much slower. Are you sure FSAA & AF are turned off ? & btw that score is on a much faster CPU so maybe the extra points from the CPU test boosted the final score.
  5. applesauce12321

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    fixed it

    ok guys i downloaded the right driver and got a score of 1959 instead of 1664...fear and bf2 play ALOT faster 2, stupid nvidia site...they automatically make u dl 8.4 which only supports the 7800, i went and downloaded 8.1 and everything works fine
  6. CMH

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    Ahhh... happy endings :D
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