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May 7, 2008
  1. hi all, i hope someone out there can help me. my son is running vista, IE, desktop, HP, wireless. he is getting an error trying to sign online thru internet explorer. the error message reads that 403 error- forbidden- then it lists the site which is go.microsoft.com, at the bottom is the apache name and list the site. doesn't matter what site you type in, it still gives you the error. now here is the kicker- he is able to sign on using AIM- instant messenger- and a few other programs that have to access the internet. the last log in he had, he was trying to sign in on comcast, and it sent him to a place that said to sign in as customer or technician. i have comcast too, and it's never taken me to something like that. he exited the program, and has not been able to access online since. seems like there is something blocking him getting on or something. i have searched the net for some idea how to resolve this, but have found nothing. please help! i have tried to access thru safe mode too, btw. tried doing a sys restore, and when it got done, it came up error twice too. any thoughts or help out there? thanks-
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    yes i tried that too-
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    Did it occur to him or you that the browser has been hijacked?
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    HTTP - 403 Forbidden is the server response to a bad URL request.
    On many systems, accessing a directory is forbidden, eg aaa.bbb.ccc/dirname/
    but accessing the correct default page will be honored eg aaa.bbb.ccc/dirname/default.html

    This is not the same thing as a failed login user/password error.

    Validate that you have the correct URL, perhaps just access the home page and then
    navigate to what you want, eg:
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